1. I watched somewhere that you need a Model 1 Genesis in order to play 32x games.

  2. Awesome room! A midnight blue PS2 is on my wish list! Looks so slick! Also… 대한민국!

  3. This is basically the 'set' I want as well. I received my GBA Mini in the mail yesterday to get to the halfway point. (I have the FXPAK and the 64 x7 too).

  4. I was just browsing Korea’s version of Craigslist, and stumbled upon the Korean version of the SMS or “Samsung ComBoy”

  5. 39 checking in. My little handheld corner is slowly growing. My partner thinks it’s cute lol

  6. It's from retro modding! They're a great place if you're into modding.

  7. How do the buttons respond? Do they feel like the original.

  8. How I knew they were repros right away was the letter “i” in Nintendo on the back of the cartridge. The dot above the “i” is supposed to be shaped like a square, not a dot.

  9. Looks like an aged ice blue/clear and a Mario kart edition. I think they’re pretty common Japan variants

  10. Controller two looks like the two tone version sold in a bundle pack with Mario Kart 64.

  11. I just looked up the Mario Kart 64 bundle. The 2nd controller looks like it's from there. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I read somewhere (let me check later and get back to you with the specifics), that running ISOs from the memory card slot has the slowest read speeds, slower than from the disk drive. You can get the fastest speeds if you use the slot on the bottom of your Cube (that is if you have a 001 model)

  13. Are there any local Craigslist-type apps or websites in Singapore which do local exchanges? Or an area in the city that's known for its retro gaming community?

  14. so i did a quick google search and it looks like you're in luck!

  15. This happened to me. My package tracking app said that it was not delivered and the package was going to be ‘returned to sender’.

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