1. Did you magnetize the sticks and scenery too? Good idea.

  2. This is the best, I am instantly jealous. That is by far my favorite Colossus and Magneto.

  3. Looks great. I really need to start painting my stuff.

  4. You could denote function by color. Troops blue and elites red or something. Both look great

  5. This is amazing, I'm going to have to terribly copy this.

  6. I filmed it so it'll hit YouTube eventually. Editing videos has been challenging since my daughter was born ;)

  7. I agree you should be able to get more detail. May be over exposed. Join the anycubic reddit and you may get better results. Good luck. I started last summer and haven't stopped printing since.

  8. Love it, the downward thrust sword is a particularly nice touch.

  9. I like the style. Kind of cell shading meets sketch style

  10. Ive used a soak in simple green or pine sol for 24-48 hrs, then a rinse under HW and scrubbed w an old toothbrush to strip plastic models for years now (to include some of my MCP models)

  11. Looks great. Maybe a a little OSL around the candles is all I can say.

  12. This looks amazing. Thanks to both OP and creator. Going to grab this for sure.

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