1. Ok I’m not too sure on the f30 brakes but I just did 330 brakes on my car are they bigger than 330 brakes (rotors are 325?mm) and single piston calipers.

  2. Mine fell out when my gun blew up😂 but other than that I noticed my factory ss mag release didn’t work too well so I put in a metal one and no problems

  3. Did shadow systems fix it? Also I notice you loaded it from the top of the chamber that’s no bueno amigo

  4. I loaded it from the top because I was reloading the same round that had the light primer strike I didn’t feel like loading it into a mag for one round lol. And shadow systems fixed it but I had to pay for it but I didn’t pay for it the guy who reloaded the ammo payed for it.

  5. How much did they charge you? I’m curious cause I thought Glock woulda fixed a Glock for free

  6. I’m not sure on the cost because I needed a new frame trigger and mag catch/release. But because SS says they do not warranty if shooting reloaded ammo we (me and the reloader) were stuck with it (the owner of the gun shop himself even had offered to pay for it out of pocket having been them that sold me the gun and ammo)

  7. Tbf you did blow it up with shitty reloads. This sounds like an ammo choice problem.

  8. 😂that was almost a year ago I bought some reloaded ammo at the gun store I bought the gun from and they seemed to be fine the rounds I did shoot were pretty good but no after the 58 rounds of reloaded ammo I got to shoot I haven’t shot anymore hand loaded ammo and it’s been all factory mostly 124gr some 115 very little 147 anddd some 124+p hst so no it’s not ammo choice at the moment causing my gun to fuck up it originally broke because of shitty reloads and the gun was “fixed” but yet here we are

  9. My mr920 blew up the first time I took it shooting so I had it sent it and got my gun back from SS and my trigger was horrible. The trigger would be pulled all the way to the rear so I contacted them they sent me a new trigger. I replaced it and had the same problem so I figured maybe the striker, nope. So I have a gen 3 17 layin around and so I pulled that trigger out and plopped it in seeing if it would work. That was 6? Months ago and I haven’t had any problems (other than a broken striker/firing pin) (attributed to dry fire even tho my 17 never has had a problem with it). I have noticed that shadow systems is 95% marketing and hype and the other 5% is well, the actually good guns they have made that some how don’t have a problem with somthing.

  10. Same thing happened to my ss broke in a different place tho can see the pic on my redit

  11. I personally run a agency 417 dual port comp and it sits flush with my x300u and brings me to full length of basically glock 34 length but another good option is the hc9c and the hc9 I have a frien running the hc9 on his dr920

  12. What gen slide do you use and do you use the factory shadow systems trigger or did you swap that out am cerious as to what all I can run on mine and have been toying with the same idea a little

  13. Personally I do not recommend ss. They are lacking in quality for the price. I personally say buy a glock 45 or 19x put a agency 417 dual port on it get it stopped how you would like and cut for the optic you plan to use and drop in a great trigger you will be better off their quality is lacking in many areas and it’s not just me with this problem deff not good for a daily carry imo

  14. The amount of lemons that leave SS factory as “G2G” is what worries me too many for me to believe in good faith that mine is G2G

  15. My mr920 blew up in my hand my first range trip out but it was the ammo not the gun. I got the gun back the person who reloaded the ammo paid for the replacement parts got it back trigger wasn’t working properly. Emailed ss got a new trigger bar kit so no striker. Still had problems. Spent my own money bought a new striker still problems. So I’m currently rocking the trigger from my gen 3 glock 17 and trigger is actually working. I had my striker brake while dry firing and thankfully I had an extra and replaced it then and there but not somthin you want happening on a carry gun. (I have a friend who has two ss pistols one of his was fucked so he got a new trigger and it worked well) and another friend who has a dr920 and his works well. Gun runs amazing no malfunctions whatsoever I love the optics mounting systems for optics ready gun (even tho I will never buy optics ready guns ever again) the overall quality seems to be lacking. The barrel coating is chipping where it goes into the slide and when you pull the trigger the rear of the slide drops down ever so slightly (lack of tight tolerances) all in all I will never buy shadow systems ever again I would rather build the gun I have now but with a factory glock. I have a mr920 with agency 417 dual port and a x300-u and 509t the company brings my guns oal to essentially a glock 34 but with a 19 frame next gun I get will be a g45 I will have it optics cut for either a 509t or acro I’ll put in the Timney trigger or agency, rock the 417dual Port and x300 because I love the setup I have now and will also get the gun stippled to somthing more agressive because I have sweaty hands and I find the ss too fine and soft for me personally but others say it’s perfect. Either way I don’t recommend ss anymore they over hype their products and for $1000 the quality is lacking. Oh also front sight keeps coming loose and will not stay tight I’ve used lock tite even.

  16. Ahahah I’m rockin a agency 417dual port x300u-a and 509t (I couldn’t find the acro)

  17. The 50s kid just did a video on YouTube about a no crank no start situation doing a diagnosis it can be the key cylinder or the umm little starter relay thingy I think it is but check out his video

  18. Lol even getting the vax you can still get and transmit the coof. Even while wearing a mask you can still get it. Yes you can be less likely to get it by getting the vax getting the boosters hopping on one leg and touching your nose and also wearing a mask. But we should all get the Omi. Variant so we can all become naturally immune. Survival of the fittest, and I’m not saying everyone has to get it like if someone thinks they might die they can take all the precautions they think are necessary to avoid getting it. At the end of the day we all need to take into account we are responsible for our own helath and that we are all responsible for the consequences of our own actions. If you want to wear a mask sweet that’s great but don’t force or even ask me to wear a mask or get a vaccine or a booster because Statistically speaking it’s near Impossible for me and many others to die from it (this isn’t the case for everyone and I get that) and that’s why I said take your own health and safety into your own hands.

  19. We all just need mass dis compliance and all to stop wearing our masks. Survival of the fittest if you die you die no one is getting off this rock alive. So why not enjoy the little time we have and just live our lives without coof restrictions. (I call it the coof because it’s like coodies but oof) 385k died from the coof in 2021 according to the cdc. About 300k die each year from obesity. Let’s just go back to living our lives in restricted. If you want to wear your mask and feel safe great that’s on you but don’t force or even ask me to wear one if I don’t want to. Personal choice and responsibility people. You all make a choice to get in your car and go on a drive but guess what we can all get into a car crash and die any day. Me personally would rather live a life where I get to be free and do all the things I want and see everyone’s beautiful or not so beautiful faces and smiles than live a life where i cannot sit with my friends and enjoy a lunch. (Sorry for no punctuation or anything I am dyslexic so be lucky that you got little to no spelling errors(thanks autocorrect))

  20. Yeahhhh tbh shadow systems quality is very lack luster in my opinion. I’m probably never buying another one I’ll save and buy a Zev instead or save a bit more and ship off a glock to agency.

  21. Normal on mine I have been not too impressed with the overall quality of my shadow systems I’m going to be buying a Zev next time I think the quality is much better

  22. I’ve got roughly 3-5k though mine and it still squeaks😕 annoying but Tis what tit Tis. Although I think it’s non issue I think it’s just the flat spring steal scraping against the stainless? Rod.

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