1. I'm pretty new to ipsy, so this is my first time not picking an item and trying to get it to listen to my quiz. I'll use almost everything in this month's GB. Yay!!

  2. I never understood this. Like isnt there a system or something that tells you when the hotel is full?? Why would it let more people book?

  3. I bought the babe lash before reading about the ingredient it has that can change eye color, so I never used it on my lashes. I like my green eyes tyvm 😊 So I tried using it on my brows and hairline a bit, but it irritated my skin giving me little red bumps every time. So for me personally, yes the Silly George is much better. No prostaglandins that change eye color, no irritation, and holy crap my lashes got so long and my brows are actually full enough to use only brow gel. If only it also darkened the hairs lol then I wouldn't need anything 😅

  4. Thanks for the thorough review I didn't realize that it could change eye color I have green eyes too

  5. I normally would have gotten the watermelon serum but I just bought the full size from Ulta so I decided on the lipstick

  6. Comes right after you pick your choice on. Choice day. My timeline says the 25th but a link on the website says tomorrow the 23rd So hopefully tomorrow

  7. What is the correlation between video games and this situation? I keep saying this question...

  8. Fenty products are not the best. The packaging is pretty and that's about all I can say.

  9. Essential Workers are allowed to travel, which includes things like grocery store workers, hospital workers, care home workers, dispatchers, etc.

  10. What about essential workers that are done with their shift and returning back home? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question

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