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  1. Relationships make me feel super alone. Idk if I’ve watched too many romcoms but I feel like I deserve to feel special and never do, I’m always the one making people feel special. I think guys only like me because I’m “their type” physically and don’t want to get to know me on a personal level. I’m too deep for that shit, I can’t just keep being in empty relationships but it’s starting to drain me.

  2. It hurts in the moment but it’s such a beautiful thing to still have love to give even after you’ve been hurt

  3. Depends if their partner is ok with it. It’s a discussion of boundaries, each person needs to take their partners feelings into consideration.

  4. I read this somewhere also that you create potential in your mind and because you never get to experience it, it hurts more. When you date someone longer, you experience what they’re like and you never wonder about their potential

  5. The side eye 😂Tell freya I love her. Also, she looks just like my boy same markings and all. How old is she?

  6. She is still here!! It is hard to get a picture of three dogs 😅

  7. time for the glue factory pee paw

  8. This comment made me spit out my water idk how this doesn’t have more upvotes 😂

  9. You’ve got a husky with a lab’s head plopped on. There’s even clear dividing lines in the fur.

  10. This literally looks exactly like my husky with a labs head I was very confused at this video

  11. I had a friend who got plastic surgery (boobs and nose done) and she wanted to go out when she got the bandages taken off to celebrate. I was having such a bad day that day, like needed a mental health day. I told her I was down to go out and grab dinner but something casual, didn’t wanna wear like a dress and heels. She got so upset with me and was all “you didn’t even come visit me after I got surgery and now you’re trying to take me somewhere cheap”

  12. Mine looked like this for the first year then I got comments from 2 different vets that he was underweight. Aside from appearance, they said they could feel his hips and spine a little too well. I started feeding him a little more per their recs and he was a healthy weight in about a month. He was just under weight by like 5 lbs nothing too crazy and we’re very active so he just needed more calories. Just ask your vet next time you go in :)

  13. My dog has a sensitive stomach and really likes to chew on Whimzees, with no upset stomach. Greenies gave him diarrhea, we haven't tried bully sticks because he likes to swallow things whole.

  14. My dog loses his mind for whimzees. Bully sticks upset his stomach too, he’s sensitive to fat I think they are fatty? No idea

  15. I wish I was still living at home. I don’t think it’s a red flag. I think it’s a personal achievement that you can take care of yourself and it’s more of a bonus for you, but not a red flag for someone else.

  16. I get the dr pragers breakfast kale bowls from whole foods. I’m getting a little sick of them though might start making egg sandwiches

  17. I hate birthdays. It’s the day I feel the most unloved actually. I think it’s the expectation around it, and I see how loved other people are on their birthdays.

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