1. Or… I’ll just continue to post as I please lol

  2. I went camping a few weeks ago and bought an eight of northern frost berry while I was there for $25 from apothecare in Ann Arbor.

  3. Thank you. Lately what I've gotten by Curaleaf has been decent. Looking forward to trying it!

  4. I saw a comment in the sub Reddit a couple of weeks ago from someone that knew somebody working at clutch telling them to stay away from ice cream cake for a while nothing specific but just told them that idk if there was any weight behind it or not

  5. This is laughable tho.. the sherbhead coming out right now is the best ive ever seen klutch grow

  6. Blow some smoke through a small piece of fabric and put it in their bag. Smell that shit all day when you aren't around.

  7. Fuck that person. I would drop family for that dumb ass shit. Imagine what they are saying when you're not around!

  8. Get a chocolate shake and dip your fries in that and the BBQ sauce. You are complete. I'm so hungry right now.

  9. The whole "technically, federally, it's illegal," stuff is far overblown. Johnny Law, a local cop or sheriff deputy, isn't going to (and might not have authority, especially in a rec state, from his own higher ups) to enforce federal laws at the local level. It costs a lot of money and it does not benefit the local system like a state charge might, through stuff likes fines and court costs, etc.

  10. that last paragraph are my thoughts exactly when I read some of this shit. youre a rockstar

  11. No worse than the cig lol. But for real iv had color change on carts, pretty sure it's normal. Same stuff happens with my eliquid the older it gets.

  12. So I meant to select discussion, I’m not sure if I can change the flare, so I apologize!!

  13. I have a 1/10 thats 2 % higher thc and much lower terps. same, just way lower. Id rather have yours.

  14. Out of curiosity, would you recommend Budino, Pineapple Cake, or Whip It? GLeaf in Warren gas buy 3 get 30% off and they have all 3 of those in 10ths and pretty interested in trying it but not if they aren’t any good

  15. I really like the whip it. its got a really nice taste. kind of citrusy mint

  16. No take on the other 2? Probably gonna get them anyways just have actually never heard of or seen anything on either of these 3 on this Reddit since I’ve been here

  17. a cruise? your good dude. been on many. they dont care at all. like 0%. there will be many others just like you on the ship. trust me

  18. B4 you drop the money you should try a friends out or something if possible. Some people love it and others it doesnt do the trick. to each their own. good luck!

  19. I've made many posts on this sub. And product reviews. Check yourself.

  20. I did briefly. I had to go back pretty far. I woke up unmedicated. I apologize. All I did was add to the toxicity anyhow. I'm sorry

  21. Dang man. I mean. Fair point, but it’s Friday my guy. Have some chill. Also, thank you for your contributions. ( no snark intended btw fr )

  22. Cart isn’t clogged, but when I connect to my battery it’s sooo hard to get a hit! I cough my ass off every time, am I doing something wrong??

  23. clean your battery contacts with isopropyl alchohol or everclear and qtip. might help. might not. but that is a really low grade cart though too so....

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