1. Only a PD employee can answer that question. They keep altering the rotation and don't tell us anything. Might be tomorrow, might be another month, nobody knows.

  2. I reckon you should only reach level 50 once you own every car (from the initial release anyway) Level 50 in GT Sport was so much harder to reach. Level 50 in GT7 is achieved by getting less then half the cars available in the game.

  3. The fastest is the Alpine VGT road car

  4. Yes, by all means, one of the best swaps in the game.

  5. So GT7 was merely a full price prelude to GT7VR?

  6. GT newbie here, can someone explain?

  7. Speaking of that, De Tomaso has two cars in the game, one of them is the Mangusta, but I can’t figure out what the second one is. It’s not the DIOR Mangusta. Would you happen to know by any chance?

  8. I was wondering about all those "just rolled in" videos on YT where folks didn't change their motor oil for DECADES and all that's in the oil pan is black sludge you could cut with a knife.

  9. Yeah, it was more of a joke than a statement. But they could have thrown it all together by now. Shirley.

  10. Honestly I'd rather buy an xbox for that money if Forza Motorsport (8) is any good.

  11. I'm expecting a flurry of LMDh cars in the coming months.

  12. I'm expecting nothing but PSVR2 related updates and bugfixes for the coming month.

  13. I've been on vaccation in St. Wolfgang with my family most summers of my childhood, and hiked or drove up the Schafberg countless times, so I recognized the place at once before reading the title.

  14. don't make me more sad, honestly i still hope we get a patch which bring some cool thing

  15. Realistically speaking, I wouldn't expect any non-VR2-bugfix related content with new updates for the forseeable future.

  16. Bugfixes dont equalize Content Updates. We will have both.

  17. I use bumper view because it feels most correct with a wheel. You get a rear view mirror and the sides of the screen darken when a car is in close proximity.

  18. I grind the 30 minute 700 PP Le Mans race in the Bac Mono. For some reason that race almost always gives you the clean race bonus, so you make about 1.6 million every hour.

  19. Only way to fail the CRB on LeMans, Spa and Sargedna is overtaking under yellow flag, even when lapping.

  20. I've tried that... I long time ago I had a villager I HAAAATEEED... I literally buried his house around 3 tiers of ground and every once and awhile I would still see him walking around... I was like HOW DID YOU GET IT OF YOUR HOLE?!?! lol

  21. Feel like i need to get back on it amd get this car now just to do this! When was it last in legend cars?

  22. AfaIk it was last seen at Hagerty's in July, it's long overdue:

  23. Bro do u have settings for nissan R92cp 800pp.. i cannot find perfect tune

  24. I don't drive the Nissan that often lately, but I seem to remember using this tune and adjusting the PP by removing the turbo and with ECU, ballast and restrictor:

  25. That means it's against PD's ToS to play GT7 with an erection.

  26. It gets better the higher your collectors level, it just doesn’t get much better. Kind of a wasted feature tbh

  27. Actually shut up, maybe I’ll have to be nice to her and make her think her time is up

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