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  1. I got to a point where I have more then 5000 of these..

  2. I value more characters then constellations.. At the end you want to have fun and even C6 itto is less fun then having more characters.

  3. Yae mains: buff Yae! Make her be more then just do damage.

  4. I think her main role will be a healer (maybe a cleanser as well), and an Electro applicator mainly for superconduct.

  5. 7189 on a inazuma's treasure Horder. No Widsith buff, no pyro resonance, no nothing.

  6. Madlads are actually gonna rerun Itto before KazuhaπŸ’€

  7. I am betting Yelan+Kazuha then Itto rerun.

  8. Yea the first one is 40CV and second one is around 30cv

  9. It still less valuable.. try for your self on your Xiao.

  10. Gimme that!!! You stole all the luck

  11. Actually happened to me, sends my regards

  12. You only need the last emoji πŸ˜‚

  13. β„οΈπŸ΄πŸ·πŸ—‘

  14. I think tier 3+ are fine with grim.

  15. I say Kazuha, just make your game easier, you need a CC character, and the bonus that he is might be the most fun characters in the game.

  16. Wtf? What is this luck!? I am farming this domain from release, you are so lucky

  17. How well would yanfei fare with xiao for the micro heals and shields as opposed to having zhongli and Jean/ Bennet

  18. You can get a farley big shield with her, she is viable as a healer/shielder for Xiao. You should stack HP as much as you can on her.

  19. Yea.. I am playing him from day he released. He is lvl7 right now. How did you manage to it so fast??

  20. I have Double crown my Itto just to make sure I still visit the Talent manu πŸ˜‰

  21. Jean heals a lot and her C2 improves itto attack speed

  22. I think C2 Jean does not increase his CA speed, only his NA, the is test on YouTube that showed it.

  23. Just get ER on the last Substat and it's a win win goblet.

  24. Seems like they made a problem to fix with her C1..

  25. I think it is the right approach to the skill, making it not snapshot make it easier to buff the skill, like using Sera buff after all Totem are placed.

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