1. She must smell a burn coming. Quebecers will not let this go. Trudeau is squirming, and he'll be looking for an escape hatch soon.

  2. Well, nobody is forcing the English Quebecers to assimilate, like the French-Canadians learn english because it is a useful language, many English-Quebecers learn french because it is also a useful language to use in Quebec.

  3. New Brunswick kids who become bilingual open up a lot of opportunities for themselves throughout the country.

  4. Anything that can piss off the totalitarian and criminal Chinese regime is fine by me.

  5. So, what he said is that Russia only has to keep Tucker Carlson on the payroll in order to control the entire Republican party.

  6. You are blaming a country that is currently experiencing an illegal invasion, a country that saw its children and women raped, tortured and killed and that is fighting for its very survival.

  7. Can someone ELI5 on the situation in Pakistan and what would the attackers (Taliban? Splinter group from the Taliban) hope to gain from this?

  8. For a lot of people outside of Quebec, particularly in the GTA, the majority of Quebecers do come off as racists. If that makes you uncomfortable that’s tough, but it doesn’t change those peoples’ perceptions of legislation that province has enthusiastically passed.

  9. The goal of Bill 21 is to provide a public space where people bring together what they have in common.

  10. Indeed. All these same allegations can be levied at the Catholic church, which has publicly funded schools in Canada.

  11. It is the building who cut the driver off without using its turn signal... /s

  12. I'm really out of the loop on this one. Isn't the green belt supposed to build more houses? Whats the controversy around it?

  13. Because there are other less destructive ways to fix the housing crisis.

  14. Well. Doug ford is right. We live in model of socialism for rich and capitalism for rest.

  15. Yup, opening the Greenbelt to developers is just a ploy to transfer public goods to the rich under the guise of providing more housing to the people.

  16. You must not have seen SDGE energy rates…I’m around 45-50¢/kWh and my plan isn’t even the worst! New EV Time-of-Use on peak rate is 86¢/kWh.

  17. It was so bizarre he didn't say a word just winked at me. Police think the assault was just a distraction to get to the phone. Possibly 🤷🏽‍♀️

  18. Sexual assault in order to get your phone... The guy is not a genius...

  19. Yeah can't really make sense of it either lol.

  20. I am sorry for what you had to go through, know that the vast majority of men are not like this.

  21. Of course, calling all Quebecers racist without evidence is, once again, seen as completely acceptable... This must end.

  22. The Toyota EV, the bZ4X and its clone, the Subaru Soltera lack in efficiency as if the date was still 2018.

  23. La place Émilie Gamelin est rendue un ramassis de drogués, de sans abris, de gens psychiatrisés et un hub de prostitution avec des membres de gangs de rue qui "s'occupent" de fournir la drogue et les femmes. Il faut faire attention si on a des enfants car on y trouve des seringues usagées, des sachets de drogue vide... Il y a des gens qui font des badtrip et qui deviennent agressifs.

  24. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why students, faced with the requirement to get a student visa in the UK while they can study anywhere else in Europe without a visa, choose to not go to the UK...

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