1. My accuracy is shit, because I’m always spamming choke points and any area with high traffic.

  2. I had used something similar to “Bumper Jumper” from black ops 3. So I moved jump to right thumb stick. If you don’t have good control while pushing it in, may be difficult

  3. Yeah, I think it'd look way better on a darker skin tone (even though he can't really change that too much) and with a bit more muscle as well.

  4. Lucky for me my mother is good friends with a guy who is a great artist. I know him well as well so he would be my trusted guy.

  5. Overwatch confirmed this in a tweet that he does have his legs.

  6. If they aren’t going to show their face ever then no. But if they are going to show their face then yes. This is because the twin doing adult content can have repercussions for the twin not doing adult content.

  7. Imagine the issues your gonna have socially if you have to inform people that your twin goes nude online.

  8. Should you also tell the owner of a face if you're going to use them as a deep fake? Hmm. Questions for our new age.

  9. Well that is without a doubt yes, need permission/pay them for their likeness.

  10. Damn if you are gonna delay it until the end of april why not wait one more week and go may 4th release?

  11. Did the same shit with Lego Star Wars if I recall correctly.

  12. I think Joel would have still saved Ellie tbh. She was like a daughter to him atp. Marlene definitely cared for Ellie though, however she was also torn to see if they could finally get a cure. As another comment said I don't think anyone was the bad guy here. Just a desperate and sad terrible situation

  13. How do you think Joel still saving Ellie would play out? Ellie would be awake in this situation meaning she would be aware in real-time what he is doing. It’s much easier to commit this sorta thing if you don’t have someone getting in your way that you cant murder. He knows that moment in time, if she is aware that he is killing everybody, no chance she would stay with him.

  14. God I hope Brie Larson doesn’t play her. She already gets so much hate for her role as CM. Her being a ‘villain’ especially in this format, would be horrific for her I imagine.

  15. The driver should have stopped for them at the crosswalk though, especially in icy streets this is inexcusable for the driver to just assume they can plow through.

  16. Law aside, the point of the comments are to clarify he is a dumbass

  17. I don't even know about the "other sub" and at this point I'm too scared to ask.

  18. Both subs have their issues, the other one more so. But here I notice if you do have a negative opinion about the second game, you get downvoted. If you voice that of course.

  19. i'd rather get downvoted about a negative opinion, than be part of a sub that blatantly hates non-whites being cast, hates lgbt people, and hates women that aren't petite and delicate looking, because it's still abundant there.

  20. Right, the positivity is better than whatever goes on over there.

  21. Same issues I've seen a couple other posts here on over the last couple weeks. No real answers just yet (that I've seen). Sometimes when I go to write I get giant lines (which I have read can be due to static, charging, etc etc). Then other times it just doesn't work in app well, lags, (maybe will be fixed with updates soon). From my experience with these technologies, I can only assume these things will be fixed eventually. I just have way less patience for it at the moment, because I'm trying to use this to plan my life which has since fallen apart. Usually I've been pretty good at troubleshooting and working around such things.

  22. Odd. No issues here, does the pencil have no issues in other note apps?

  23. How y’all even play lucio in comp? I get so carried away with fun wall riding I end up throwing

  24. Just focus lol. Pay attention to your team, be aware of the fact that you are responsible for getting your team in and out lol.

  25. Do I need to play the one before this? I bought this on sale and it’s still sealed lol. Hoping it’s good on its own without playing the others

  26. I just watched Gaming Historian’s video on these JUST now. Then this. It’s a sign to pick some of these up. Great haul.

  27. As much as it's fun to hate on WATA, they were clear in their labeling this is a reproduction rom hack. Unsure why someone would want this graded... but they did it.

  28. Why do people hate WATA? Is there a superior grading company?

  29. CGA/VGA is superior in that it doesn't have scandal baggage with artificially inflating game prices via their own grades with heritage auction.

  30. Okay thank you. I’m new here so I didn’t realize

  31. Woah it looks in great condition, box and all! May I ask if what you spend on it?

  32. Probably the PS4. Everybody uses it, and I play Diablo (II & III) every Friday with my brother

  33. Not very often honestly, I have an XBox One that basically collects dust. Never had any interest in the PS5 personally. I do have a Switch that I want to play more but not a whole lot of games interest me (The World Ends With You looks great tho).

  34. Ahh I got you. Personally I didn’t get into collecting/playing previous consoles until recently, after I had been spoiled by high end PC gaming and “next gen” consoles. So it’s hard for me to play older consoles and really really enjoy it. I just like having them and playing them with guests, the PS3 is the only exception, borderline for me in terms of performance.

  35. Yeah I’m also pretty young so it’s gonna be awhile till I actually need to think about this question (hopefully at least), but it’s still something I think about sometimes and I think it makes for an interesting discussion topic

  36. Gotcha. I definitely plan on having a few children, I’m sure one of them will want to continue if they share the interest. If not they can sell it, doesn’t bother me.

  37. Well I’m only twenty, so I don’t have offspring to give it to. But more importantly, that’s a very long time from now.

  38. You're not shitting out what you just ate. You're just shitting out what was already up your butt

  39. Thankfully it’s a safe space…. Right?

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