1. You posted something similar very recently. Please stop focusing on what others say or do online and let yourself get ragebaited 24/7 and focus on yourself for a while.

  2. I've left your thread removed as these threads sadly don't help and can even make things worse.

  3. The bot did. As stated in its message, if it's a mistake, you just contact the mods or remove the flair yourself.

  4. You were given a "not FA" flair as you talk about your ex. Please do not remove it or you'll get banned.

  5. Your first instinct was right, it's a dude parroting typical incel "insights" who thinks FA women "at least get to fuck hot guys". Delusional all around.

  6. Please check the About section or the FAQ. This has nothing to do with our sub. Try the dating or dating advice subs.

  7. What is there to know? I shared my experiences. OP has an uncaring attitude towards other women and it's awful.

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