[OC] I've made a game about sorting colors

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  1. L'humour noir, ça reste à la frontière s'il te plait

  2. Looks like literally the minimun any self respecting democracy should have ?

  3. Hey live and learn. It’s probably a good thing that you ignore a sign that reads “delivery’s in the rear” until you fully understand the implications.

  4. Wouldn't want that to happen to a kid tbh

  5. Not the first time Americans stole the idea of a crazy German guy (who may or may not have declared war on like the world)

  6. Honestly, what's a pouring technique ?

  7. Looks like a cool cult I'd like to join

  8. Kinda reminded me of the game Cult of the Lamb when you said that

  9. One of my cats knows where the sunny spots are in the house throughout the day. It’s like having a furry sundial that pukes on the rug sometimes

  10. If there's one thing I love sundials for it's puking

  11. Damn y the party of law and order against law and order '

  12. Goddamn french revolutionaries and their ... Check notes fighting for liberty and equality yeah, take that europoor /s

  13. Oh, so now they're ok with pronouns ? Fucking republitards and their evangelical bullshit, they're grooming our kids with their fake pronouns stuff, if we let religion into the government what next ? We'll let priest touch our kids in school ? Absolutely disgusting.

  14. Ah oui les verbes du quatrième groupe

  15. Qui sont ceux qui ont des caractères spéciaux et chiffres dedans

  16. "I called my mom because you're mean tome and I'm mad" vibes

  17. The focus on blood of certains Americans is quite frightening, remember that one time in Germany a dude said people of certain blood were the true rulers ? Yeah that was bad

  18. No, they're not making shit up. Some passage in the bible was seriously screwed up somewhere in the last 10 translations and then taken completely out of context by a religious nutjob looking for something to back up his misogynistic views, and that's obviously what the law should be.

  19. Tbh the Bible is a fiction book so that's kinda like making shit up

  20. You would believe in something that doesn't exist

  21. Hmmm CP, not sure about that one tbh

  22. Evaporation, evolution, education.. something tells me there are a lot of 'e' words this person doesn't get.

  23. Hello, my name is Kcaeyghdhen MacKeyighlyi and no I didn't make the fuck up my own name

  24. Yeah, I would much rather my kids be exposed to a priest /s

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