1. I’d honestly have Wiggins even with Steph in terms of expectations. Like yes it’s ridiculous Steph continues to be one of if not the best player in the league at 34, but Wiggins has managed to be even better and more efficient than last year while still having that amazing consistency

  2. Y’all are delusional if you think Wiggins isn’t going to be an allstar again

  3. Ah yes, the Young Dubs’ Christmas Miracle vs. the Harden Rockets. I remember it well

  4. When future historians rank the generational talents of the early 2000s, Zubac will be near the top

  5. Man the wolves crowd is soooo silent lol

  6. Anyone who keeps Bron out of the top 4 should be completely ignored. I understand you might not have him at #1, but like, come on

  7. I significantly dock him for his Finals record and his last couple seasons with the Lakers

  8. His last couple seasons are completely bot his fault. If you gave jordan a similar situation itd be the same thing. The whole coaching staff/front office are idiots who have no plans on making the team better and lebron is 37 years old. Even tho hes 37 if he had a halfway competent team they’d still be a contender

  9. Are the wolves that bad or the warriors are that good

  10. How can you have Bill Russell there and not wilt? Neither are in my top 10, I do not count stats against milkmen, but to have one and not the other, let alone Russell over wilt just doesn't make sense to me.

  11. Russell is one of the most dominant players to set foot on a court. Wilt was an empty stats merchant that never got it done when it counted. Choice is clear.

  12. Poole’s played non-trash minutes (including playoff minutes), and was a notably more efficient scorer than Lamelo last season. I’m picking JP and losing 0 sleep over it.

  13. Typical warriors fan lmao, like what are you even saying? Melo is better than Poole and Klay. For some reason people think the warriors coaching staff wouldn’t have been able to identify that if he was there.

  14. His stats are inflated by being on a team at the bottom of the barrel. He would pretty clearly be a third-string guard on the Dubs.

  15. Yep, he tries to do too much, especially when the shot isn’t falling. 9/29, 8/21, 7/16, 8/15 in those games — the first 2 particularly should raise some eyebrows.

  16. Two tests coming up. Would be happy with 1-1. Wolves are a good young team with a positive record and Mavs have Luka. I feel like we have the personnel and familiarity with Mavs-style offenses to take that one, but Wolves could give us trouble.

  17. Leading the team with 6.6 boards is amazing and terrifying

  18. Wigs has been great but that’s gotta have him scratching his head

  19. Yeah, but Luka is Suns daddy so you got that going for you.

  20. It was Luka who held the Suns to under 100 points for 3/4 games that series


  22. Feel like he needs a secondary ball handling wing more than a primary ball handling guard

  23. It's amazing he's accomplished what he has with those degenerate ligaments. Victim and major beneficiary of chance

  24. You mean irrelevant in 30 years? Someone like Bradley Beal will probably be forgotten in 30 years. He’s like Mark Aguirre. Who remembers him? Both were/are very good players but they’ll get lost in history as time passes.

  25. Dorian Finney-Smith shooting 8/12 from 3 vs the Suns to bail Luka out and extend the series in G4

  26. Why does it feel like the lakers play the Spurs every other day? They bout to get back to 500 playing the spurs

  27. I mean there is one guy that hasn't won one and so far has been arguably better than curry in luka, I wouldn't really say that the reason curry isn't #1 right now is voter's fatigue or how bad his team is

  28. Luka's defensive advanced stats are juiced by other metrics because of his defensive rebounding being overvalued

  29. Finally someone that understands this, thanks. It’s been insane to argue with people saying with a straight face that Luka/Jokic are good/great defenders now.

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