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  1. I don´t play SF V but i think that Ken doesn´t believe in chip damage (if you can kill with it).

  2. Beside the throw loop in the corner you are pretty solid for a bronze player, keep it up

  3. The water on the right covers the characters feet. Ground attacks like Juri's fireball, Birdie's can, Necalli's vskill are covered by it so it hinders gameplay.

  4. No it isn't. Tests were run and it drops frames on ps4 hardware causing rollback. Akuma stage is terrible also

  5. Every stage an everything about SFV on PS5 causes lag/rollback.

  6. Not interested in buying but would love more details on the wrap/build! Did you wrap them chrome window trim and roof rail? Also are those s5 peelers?

  7. Yupp definitely wrapped chrome trim, roof rails and mirrors. Entire wagon also looks wrapped.

  8. Partially correct. The trim was replaced with euro shadowline trim where possible (B and C pillars, roof rails, side skirts. The window trim was wrapped, and obviously the rest of the car is wrapped as well

  9. 100% bet the state would not care for her or her baby if she had given birth to them

  10. I was in the Navy an worked in the boiler room of a couple ships. We had a pinhole leak on a 150 psi steam line once. Ever seen a bunch of grown men scared to go around a corner to investigate something? A steam leak like that would do it.

  11. I loved when topsiders came down to the pit to get signed off. Gas turbine? Ha! Try 600 PSI steam turbine, let's go stand behind this boiler where it's 130 degrees so I can watch you sweat while I explain to you how a steam driven force draft blower works, knowing the only thing going through your head that very minute is "OMG it's fucking hot down here". Good times.

  12. I never wanted a roof box for my zoom dad wagon.

  13. Yup paid $700 for mines an I've had it on my wagon about 6 months now, never carried anything in it.

  14. The real question is, should I have the box color matched or leave it gloss black?

  15. We had some midshipmen/ women come on board with us to go underway a couple times. All male crew on a LPD, they decided to send some a couple 20-22 year old females down to the engine room. Weirdly enough the guy that was the least likely to get with a chick somehow got with one a good looking female midshipman. By the time the higher ups found out about it, there was nothing they could do. They warned him not to do that again an they never sent midshipmen to our boat again

  16. So I'm concluding, Midshipmen and snipes make trouble. (Am a snipe, can confirm)

  17. I dont know what they were thinking sending a hot 21 year old female down in the hole with a bunch of savages.

  18. I wonder what will happen to these types of people as cars grow more complex. I saw a tiktok of a guy trying to do a brand job on a Nissan, and he couldn't get the electronic parking brake to release to put the caliper back on because his ($1500) odb2 scanner wouldn't pick it up.

  19. I ran into that problem couple months ago on my Audi A4, lil YouTube university taught me to remove the ebrake electric motor an screw in the ebrake mechanism by hand.

  20. Lol right your phone is more important than your life these days

  21. Nothing worse than surviving some sketchy shit an then having to say "fuck I lost my phone"

  22. Too many people think simply driving faster than they are qualifies as "driving like an asshole".

  23. Don't you notice how everyone driving slower than you is a idiot an everyone faster than you is a maniac.

  24. I just do it manually, one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to do another action to get it to happen.

  25. So jealous, my right ear is clogged 90% of the time. When I hold my nose an the left ear closed an breath out it clears. But then immediately clogs back up again.

  26. And whats with the muffled screams? Was he wearing a snorkel?

  27. This is the kind of shirt that turned boys into men at my local arcade with SF2. I remember being like 13 and almost getting into a fight with a full grown man because of throwing too much in match lol

  28. Yea that 3 in a row throw loop can really hurt your pride

  29. I agree with the Ryu part even if a good player is playing Ryu i still imagine a fly flying around inside Ryu’s empty head

  30. Hitler was just an admirer because he personally planned to be first in finishing a race one day

  31. I’m a ultra bronze Ryu and they actually do play like this at my rank……. I kinda play a little like that sometimes

  32. Ken is the butt of the joke when it comes to this, but technically every character does the same. Guile is going to throw 1000 sonic booms, Bison is going to teleport behind you every chance he gets. I can go through the entire cast.

  33. This will always be relevant, as long as there are Kens like this in the lower ranks.

  34. as a happy owner of a 2012, I would do many unspeakable things for the facelifted model. Didn’t know they made them in avant! Are you based out of the US?

  35. You can do a front end swap on it. Headlights/fenders/ grill/bumper. Turns your B8 into a B8.5

  36. Don't worry they'll just increase the price of their products to make up the difference.

  37. Don't worry. In 100 years most of humanity will be extinct.

  38. Nope, the rich are going to move to another planet an use the remaining humans on Earth for slave labor..

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