1. Paraphrasing from an interview I did about 5 months ago: “what are the inputs for GPWS?”

  2. This is not the way. I understand why someone would want a product like this and back it. This irresponsible and so obtuse it will lead to peoples careers being hurt who don’t deserve it. Also, legal consequences on your part. 10/10 would delete this ASAP.

  3. No. It is common knowledgeable that the more CCs a bike has the less fun it is.

  4. What region is the plane in? I may be able help out.

  5. No. You will teach your self bad habits if you start doing anything beyond practicing check lists/flows. And you can just buy a cockpit poster for that.

  6. Something about a termite choking on a splinter.

  7. Depends how many of the little liquor bottles I’ve had from the galley.

  8. I fly charter in jets for two weeks at a time. The way I stay current in old VFR bug smashers is by filling in as a CFI when I’m back home.

  9. Do YOU fly a hawker 800? What are you a cop? Unless you’re offering me a job. Then yes I do fly whatever you type rate me in.

  10. Do we shut the sub down and send the award to the engineer. This is the first time I ever seen anything this weird that can actually fly.

  11. The Space Force service dress is complete garbage. Looks like a weird chefs jacket mixed with a high school marching band top. We should just take the new Army service dress and change the color.

  12. Where do you think marching bands got their inspiration?

  13. Yeah dude. Don’t give money to any shady or incompetent DPEs. I went through a similar thing on my CFII and I did not reschedule with the same DPE.

  14. Did you repeat areas you finished in the remarks? Every situation is different but just checking yours.

  15. Nope just started where the last one ended. There may have been some light oral before we jumped into the plane. But nothing hard or tricky.

  16. I have an appreciation for planes where only it’s mother would say they are handsome.

  17. Hit them with a rolled up newspaper next time they do that.

  18. I heard you are supposed to rub their nose on the IDENT button.

  19. Then it might ident again. Best to just use pure physical violence.

  20. Weird the first one says removed, but I can still see it.

  21. Yeah threw me for a loop. But I figured I’d toe the line and do what was asked.

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