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  1. Everyone knows you can only hunt deer with machine guns. C’mon now..

  2. If you're not placing claymores around your stand, you're not hunting correctly!

  3. So the new info here is the speeding. From everything else it sounds like mazi legally purchased the gun and was in the process of getting the concealed carry permit sent to him. To me it seems very similar to the emoni bates case and he pled down to a misdemeanor.

  4. Google image search? Sometimes you can lucky with it. Or something super similar.

  5. Only difference between the two is some medical/dental procedures may not be covered under Hip plus that is under State Plan Plus.

  6. Thank you! It’s been difficult to find information bc it seems like some insurance comps group state plus and -plus- together for coverage. V confusing trying to find a solid answer across all platforms when making decisions.

  7. The QB was Tungsten Arm O’Doyle. Boy he could throw a ball over them hills.

  8. What this guy fails to observe is that the only reason we are anywhere close to winning those games and not being completely blown out is the miracles Justin pulls out of his ass.

  9. Can be both. Can be in it because of it, but can also lose it because of his mistake. One doesn't just erase the other. With that said. He can learn from both for the future which is bright

  10. The haircut is worse IMO. Is he trying to grow it out to the Little Nicky haircut?

  11. This might have been the year to play them seeing as they’re on QB#3 lol

  12. Who appears to be better than Love.... (don't really know, just busting balls, because FTP!)

  13. What ever happened to Medhi doing something about that? Was it all just talk

  14. And all 30 shots combined are still 1/1000000th as bad as rabies. Easily one of the worst ways to die, I’d say top 5.

  15. Probably won’t. Will be appealed all the way to State supreme court which will then rule in favor of their party

  16. Until it is appealed all the way to the state superior court where they side with their party

  17. There is no choice. You play to win no matter the team. Fuck the 2nd overall pick. FTP!!!

  18. If they all lose I want LSU, Purdue, Kansas St, and Utah to be in the playoffs

  19. Wtf how did this old fuck say word for word the same thing as me?? He must have a pig farn and like dags.

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