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  1. I literally pulled them aside when we had a day off and explained the entire thing from the war in heaven to the emperor's entombment. She didn't believe that it would take an entire afternoon, but it did

  2. If you can slam 3 pints of ale down in 20 seconds and still be sober enough to perform a jig without falling over, you're a dwarf

  3. I've played through the entirety of fallout 4 never going higher than 20fps, averaging 15. 30 is more than enough

  4. They're all bastards. I can be as morally reprehensible with them as possible, and it's fully Lore accurate

  5. Whenever someone mentions it I wince and have to say "yeah it wasn't the greatest thing for us"

  6. The anathame was never created, thus horus never turns

  7. it should make your victories feel better, as you know exactly how much effort you needed to put into it to succeed.

  8. It looks great! The only thing I'd do different I'd make the panels with the legion emblem slightly darker, just to make it pop

  9. Black prime, basecoat Iron Warriors. Pick out the trim with Sycorax bronze, and the Armour joints with black. Shade across the whole thing with a 50/50 mix of black wash and brown wash. Pick out the panels you want hazards on with Averland sunset, draw the lines on with pencil, and then paint in-between the lines with black. And done. You can add highlights as you see fit, but this method lets me crank out squads of 10 in under a half hour.

  10. These are great, but a woman with great abs? Unbeatable

  11. T'aunar supremacy Armour. Those triple cannons do things to me

  12. Knowing the fists, you ain't getting a straw through the lid

  13. May they eat naught but saltines and have only a well used spitoon to drink from

  14. Illumian factotum. (Races of Destiny and Dungeonscape respectively.)

  15. Probably been said already, but go on their phones.

  16. Yeah my Dad is like the soyjak, and it's not fun. Like to the point where he thinks anyone other than an atheist doesn't deserve rights

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