1. I’m honestly surprised at these reviews. I used it last night and felt unstoppable

  2. Its really strong, though its a bit risky using it vs someone with a sniper. Feels better than the DMR, though.

  3. I’m glad you said this because I was thinking about this earlier when I was playing. The sniper has no room for error, because if they miss their first shot, you’re sending them back to the lobby. I encountered this earlier in a game, noticed a sniper perched up to a hill lining up his shot, slide right, his shot missed, three quick taps and he was out of here. All in all, it’s good balance between the two

  4. The Fiend. I don’t think he could go back to the Wyatt Family Cult leader gimmick at this point. It would be too hard to explain where the Fiend went in my eyes and all in all I heavily preferred the Fiend anyway

  5. I know it is just a preseason game, but this Celtics give me that All time great team vibe. They just need more chemistry.

  6. There team is practically the same. Shouldn’t they have the chemistry?

  7. I don’t know much about Joe Mazzulla but I really feel like Ime suspension will stunt Bostons championship potential

  8. I think he’s talented, entertaining, could be Kurt Angle lite.

  9. I firmly believe that Roman is where is today with a big part due to the return of his leukemia (thank god it’s in remission) For months and months Vince was trying to shove Roman down everyone’s throats even though it wasn’t working. Then he goes out for a while for treatment and came back loved. Roman is not that great. His in ring is good but his mic skills are terrible. That’s why they have Heyman with him. Even now the hottest thing in WWE is Sami not Roman and with Roman being pretty much part time that’s good

  10. I don’t think it was the fact that he came back from Leukemia. It’s HOW he came back from his time off from the beginning of the pandemic. The WWE was trying to make him John Cena. Not in a literal since, but I think you can understand what I mean. But when he came back after taking some months to isolate given the nature of the pandemic and his own personal health, he was different and I think his whole story arc while unintentional played right into who he is today. It’s somewhat similar to Hollywood Rock. You loved me in the Shield, I did my best to be a good guy, be the champion of the people and you booed me. I gave everything to this company, everything I had to the WWE fans and this is how you repay me, with boos and jeers? No, I’m the top dog. I’m the head of the table, this company is my birth right. I’m going to take it whether you like it or not. You will respect me you will revere me, you will acknowledge me. Adding Paul Heyman to the mix given Paul Heymans success with Brock Lesnar was brilliant in different ways. Both Brock and Roman give Final Boss vibes but in different ways. With Brock Paul Heyman was a handler waiting to unleash a Beast who would wreak havoc that the rest of the WWE couldn’t contain. Absolute carnage and devastation. With Roman, he’s a special council, a wiseman who serves Roman who is more mob boss like. More King like. And while Roman isn’t the best on the mic in the WWE (though he has some good moments) he doesn’t need to be, his character doesn’t need to be because of an aura. A presence he exudes. The way his music hits, the slow stroll to the ring, no emotion, while a large part of the crowd throws one’s to the sky. It’s a king processing while the crowd either reveres him, or boos him. That’s what makes Roman Reigns great.

  11. Why does this even matter? The battle pass is filled with non collab skins with the exception of Spider Gwen, and maybe if you want to call Brie Larson a collab but Paradigm was an original character to begin with. The crew skins, the starter packs, the level up packs, the other packs in the store full of original concept skins. Last season, Evie, Malik, Adira,Storm Former, Sabina, Snap, all original skins. And we will probably get some new concept skins for Fortnightmares so I honestly don’t understand how this is always a complaint.

  12. He does. I think he’s been dropping some of the weight lately.

  13. I don’t think Lebron would start at WR at Ohio State. They are stacked. He wouldn’t play TE either cause he’s not going to want to block.

  14. Could Luka go to a college and play basketball here in the US?

  15. No because he’s already had a professional career in basketball. Enes Kanter went through this at Kentucky

  16. How come Roman isn’t involved in the Usos matches on the sideline ?

  17. Because he’s the Tribal Chief. The Head of the Table. The Needle mover. That’s beneath him. He expects the bloodline to get it done

  18. Dunno if he survived. They taken 3-5 rings from him. His legacy isn't completely destroyed, surely but let's not forget he was on a path to become a GOAT and now he's nowhere near.

  19. No where near lol? He’s the only one in the conversation other than Jordan 😂

  20. Attack on Titan. Imagine they make a special mode where you fight Titans. Of course not as massive. But as big as Fortnite can handle. We get to fight them with those mythic swords along with the grappling gear. Similar to those stone giants we got for the last Halloween game mode.

  21. I’m not an attack on Titan guy but this collab makes sense. All the assets that are needed are already there. That would be a fun event/LTM

  22. I should make a Samoans of Sports Entertainment stable in WWE2K22

  23. How is 2k22 because I’ve been heavily considering getting it

  24. I was hoping this skin would be released ever since I first saw it on the survey so I’m quite pleased

  25. Good for him man. He’s actually the streamer that got me into Fortnite. I’ll be purchasing.

  26. I’m calling it now. There is gonna be a world war against The Bloodline vs. Everyone at the same time.

  27. I do like the idea of the WWE banding together to take down the Bloodline

  28. I run 1440p at a consistent 165fps with no issues. In fact I can’t play it on console at this point because I feel like I notice a difference. Works fine for me. The only time I ever experienced stuttering was when I updated my drivers for my graphic card on release. I just reverted it back and it was fine again. I pretty much have had no issues

  29. I agree with the general consensus. Enjoyed the season, it was just too long but considering they took a (well deserved) break during the summer it makes sense. I would have liked to see more storyline stuff ramp up sooner but all in all I liked the season. Dragon Ball event was really fun, I really liked the Reality Tree POI and the entire reality biome. I liked Rave Cave and what they did at the beach. Admittedly I enjoy the war seasons more but this one had a cool vibe to it.

  30. I don’t care how anyone plays it’s their game. But I don’t respect it. I’d rather have 8+ eliminations and come in 7th than 1 elimination and the victory Royale but to each their own

  31. I love Deontay Wilder. Honestly he’s my favorite boxer. What got me back into boxing on a consistent basis. This is embarrassing. The better fighter won both times, let it go.

  32. Truthfully I do like the idea of it being Big E though I doubt it will be him

  33. I’ve had both android and iPhone, currently have an iPhone, and truly don’t understand why iPhone users are asshats to others about not having an iPhone.

  34. It’s truly weird. I too have used Android/Apple phones on and off for years, generally using whatever I believe has the better camera at the time (photography purposes). For one, green bubbles aren’t a big deal. Two, just because you have an iPhone doesn’t mean anything other than, you have an iPhone but for whatever reason having an iPhone gives people a false sense of importance when in reality both have things they do better than the other and worse than the other.

  35. Surely you're not the only two people on this thread who have said that, right, without a shred of credible evidence?

  36. He 100% will be at Crown Jewel and Royal Rumble. No chance he misses those at the very least

  37. Nah I know it’s not what the chat wanted, but no one saw it coming lol. No one. This was amazing lol

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