1. The back of her hand is 100% touching his thigh.

  2. No it isn’t the couch is just the same color as his pants, his leg ends before the white border of whatever he’s sitting on.

  3. It’s an isometric roguelike about surviving the apocalypse. At least on the surface, then it gets… weird, time travel and shit!

  4. Not really. edit: this came out a bit long

  5. Wait holy fuck aren’t you the person behind project malice wtf!?????

  6. “His soul is marching on to another world; or the John brown isekai”

  7. I know op said “yeah” but they are very wrong, that’s the Lego Scout Trooper helmet, item #75305.

  8. cuno calling you a facist actually thats the joke its censored to look like the other “f slur”

  9. The board is incorrectly orientated, it should be flipped 180° and if Gabe is the Queen whites is in the correct spot on a properly orientated board and blacks is wrong.

  10. Rest in peace, one of my favorite actors/voice-actors.

  11. *pirate Disco Elysium so you don’t give the ghouls who forced the creators out money.

  12. As a trans women, absolutely. Although I only seem to be able to attract nbs(not a problem lol)

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