1. I tried this before and my hair felt like straw after (fine color treated 2a).

  2. Same ... it's one if the worst hair products I' ve used.

  3. Well shit lol I wish I saw this before buying 🤣

  4. Maybe it's just us. Hopefully it will work better for you. I don't think I liked anything I tried from this brand so far. Specially the leave in products. But maybe it's just not ok for my hair. Let us know how it worked for you .

  5. nope...not how it works. If you put it in your cart but it sells out you will not be able to purchase it .

  6. Okay what if you put it in your cart, it doesn’t sell out, but the sale ends? Because we were referring to a flash sale ending, not a product selling out

  7. Oh...I thought the product was gone. Didn't realize the entire sale was gone. That could work ... we used to be able to buy products using links so I guess it's worth a try .

  8. It has growth peptides however it also has fragrance so if you have sensitive skin keep that in mind .

  9. This lip stain is in Flash and I’m tempted because I really want to try more lip stains! Have you tried it? Is it like a traditional stain? For some reason the description and photo have me worrying it’s more like a liquid lipstick.

  10. There are a lot of affordable lip stains available.Color pop has a bunch ( I think they sell 3 for like $14 these days) , a lot of k beauty lip stains ranging from $5-$10 . Essence at ulta sells for $5... E.L.F ..

  11. I know about the Elf one and was thinking of buying one of those!

  12. Haven't tried it yet , I mostly get k beauty stains. I particularly like the watery ones . For me at least those work the best .

  13. That looks like somebody didn't like a product so they returned it. Gross and I am sorry that happened to you .

  14. 🤮 So disappointed in Ipsy yet again. I am sure they are aware that users these days don't want problematic shitty people to be the curators. But then again...they need to clean up the warehouse and I am assuming there's a lot of ABH left from boxycharm old stock. Also... wasn't that brow pencil in the last sale for like $8? What happened to the new exclusive products that were supposed to be in GBX or Icon or w.e they call it now?

  15. About to have a mastectomy, so hopefully I can use these even though it has sunscreen

  16. These descriptions always sound great but I’m always suspicious of the science behind it. Pass for me.

  17. It is actually suported by science. Silicone gel, creams ,bands help reducing the scars specially when we are talking about a healing wound.It will keep the skin hydrated and the skin will heal faster and the scar edges will be lower than it would be otherwise hence making it easier to fade. There is ofc more to the explanation . I am in no way saying this particular product works I am just saying this isn't a novelty. There are many studies conducted.

  18. Horrible for fragrance companies and consumers.

  19. Hmmm... interesting take. I don't see how. Transparency for consumers is horrible? Also, it's referring to companies being forced to disclose allergens. This is 1000a% good for the consumers

  20. I value promoting smaller indie and niche producers that will not necessarily survive this. There is nothing wrong with transparency, obviously, but what is required of perfumers in this is unnecessarily prohibitive.

  21. I think the problem is that among indie brands are a lot of just plain white label products .Indie brands will be fine ...the rest of junk companies probably won't. And I am ok with it. There are plenty if small brands in countries with similar regulations. And I am sorry but if you don't have money to test your products and register it should you be selling it to consumers? And allergens should be disclosed. Period. Sure...that's not gonna be a happy moment for the "clean" beauty industry but idc .

  22. The hair oil is HORRIBLE. At least for me. No matter how I apply it, it is so greasy. (That's oil for you, I suppose.)

  23. It's not formulated for straight hair. This brand makes products that work best for POC . Tiktok ran with it and made it viral but the reality is , if you have straight hair all you will get is an oily mess. If you wanna use it as a hair oil put a drop and I literally mean 1 DROP in your palm rub your hands together to spread it well and then lighty apply it to the ends of your hair. I use it as a pre-shampoo scalp treatment. I put a few drops on my scalp massage it well then 30 mins to 1 hour later I wash my hair.

  24. This set has been in ipsy sales a lot. I recommend contacting the brand with the batch codes to make sure nothing is expired. They are very helpful .

  25. It's aimed to help with KP and fragrance can make KP worse. So it's normal to not have a pleasant smell.

  26. I promise you I am not being snarky at all but I have to say I very much admire your confidence that Ipsy is going to pay attention to the survey. Im crossing my fingers for you!

  27. I agree ... It reminds me of the boxycharm quiz and how they 100% ignored it. I do think boxycharm members will be happier with their bags .I rarely hit a BC but when I did it was always 1 or max 2 decent products and the rest was garbage .

  28. https://giphy.com/gifs/zvC1dJ5Ko342rtsk2e

  29. Not to mention that the woman that posted (Dana ) is one of her BFF and notorious for her misogynistic rants such as : men should beat their partners in public so other women can see and think twice before they open their mouths . Anastasia's brand is dead to me lol

  30. I wish I was kidding. If I recall she even said something like in that second you need to punch her and break her mouth. And that's Anastasia's friend.She is a Romanian designer and Anastasia even wears her clothes but mostly she is just a hateful b*tch

  31. EXACTLY!!!! I was so excited to choose my 3 products and when I saw what my options were I was sorely disappointed.. I couldn’t believe it. Not only has the selection gone from like 10-15 products in each of the three tiers, down to 4, but to include Ipsy Refreshments??? Like really? Talk about fucking greedy, not like they don’t make enough money through their subscribers, and the Ipsy shop, and now with the Boost for an additional $15 a month (options on that this month we’re also very shitty). If they don’t rectify this shit I’m just gunna cancel and hit up another subscription service. Cuz this is a big step in the WRONG direction for Ipsy in my opinion.

  32. Guess what! I have more FFF coming! AND both my friend and I are swimming in Commodity Gold.

  33. Girl get out of here. The point was not everyone got what was in the spoilers in FFF . Yet here you are me me me me again. Who cares cupcake? You getting it makes up for the fact that so many other people didn't?Oh...nvm.. FFF was shady for not offering it to everyone but IamAbasicThing on reddit and her friend got it so that makes everything right. 🙄Just so you know I got the perfume as well.It's nice but not that great and the smell goes away 10x faster than other actually expensive perfumes. I wouldn't pick it again. But that's not the point... the point is this is not about fairnes and everyone getting something good .It's about YOU not getting an item ( btw the item was cheaper than the GBP at sephora LMFAO) .You don't want ipsy to be fair you want to have the Sephora experience at Ipsy prices. FFF is just as shady as Ipsy is. And as I said before... save your cash and shop the MANY FFF sales.

  34. 💯 I spend so much money at FFF. I’d love an Ipsy style sub that operates more like FFF.

  35. Also, since you say FFF is great and Ipsy is unethical for offering choice items in the add ons , I would like to let you know that seasonal members and some annual members didn't get to pick the Comodity fragrance and other highly popular items for their boxed because FFF bundled it up and sold it separately during the choice window.

  36. He's 30, not 3. How is it OPs responsibility to take him to the hospital? He was fully conscious.

  37. I'm very disappointed that Sunday Riley doesn't have anything more helpful, either. One of the reasons the brand is so expensive is because they say they use more shelf-stable sources of ingredients like Vitamin C. But an ingredient lasting longer doesn't matter unless you can check when the product was made.

  38. Sunday Riley will give you the expiration dates if you have the batch number. I was able to contact them through chat more than 10 times and it always only took a few minutes.

  39. Nice! Thanks for the tip about Sunday Riley and Murad! So some websites are going to give us a nice breakdown (kudos Murad), and apparently others... not so much (looking at you Glow Recipe, MZ Skin and Lys Beauty), neither of which were in the databases nor provided useful guides about understanding Their labels.

  40. To be honest , as much as I would love everyone to print the expiration date at least some brands will give you the info. Others are not even gonna give you that.To name a few :Glossier, Perricone MD, Beautystat, Dr Brandt ( they took hours to answer the chat and then they told me they will email me the exp dates... I had to email them for weeks for one product.. ) . I love how transparent k beauty brands are. Most of them have the exp date printed.

  41. They lied ... too face wasnt even advertise and yet we got this palette 😵‍💫

  42. if you read the "advertisement " it doesn't say you will get these brands.It says brands like.....

  43. I would wait till April. If you upgrade now you might get the February leftovers .

  44. I wish I got emails from them, lol! I contacted support about this and they never figured it out 😂

  45. I stopped getting emails from them and while I was checking my spam section I realized that's where the ipsy emails ended up.

  46. I think there’s still a boxy this month though? I could be wrong because I haven’t gotten boxy is a hot minutes.

  47. Hmmm.. could be . I haven't gotten boxy in quite awhile as well .I thought it was this month but then again, I can't say I looked into it too much . If it's not the boxy customers yet, I can only imagine how much worse it will get when ipsy adds a few more mil subscribers from boxy.

  48. I think the drop shop is happening on Ipsy this month, but I believe next month is the combined plus/boxy bag.

  49. ugh .. I only got this month's box because I was curious to see how things would be. Might get the next one for the same reason lol.

  50. this is horrible. I am sorry. Mine weren't that great either but this is worse.

  51. I got this in a past glam bag (though I cannot find it in my glam bag history) and really want to purchase the full size. Unfortunately I threw away the little box it came in and now don’t know which shade it is. If anyone has a sample and can help, I’d super appreciate it! ✨

  52. you can take the little tube to sephora or ulta and match it in store.

  53. I don’t have one near me but this might be my only option. I contacted it cosmetics customer support and they couldn’t help, unfortunately.

  54. They don't have so many shades of this product. You could probably figure it out online.

  55. I’ve been dying to get my hands on that body butter! My TJs never got it in, but I did snag the scrub. It’s incredible!

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