1. Looks inviting. Is the wall under the lights gloss?

  2. Nope I think that's just the effect of the lights!

  3. I read about this study recently - another interesting point about it is that female rats kept trying like 50% longer or something than the male rats did and I think bounced back quicker. We're resilient!

  4. They talked about it in this book called Burnout. I forget exactly what it was but it was something along those lines!

  5. What are the main differences you notice with medication? I have just started (today is day 5) and the side effects are already way less, which is great. But it's getting harder to tell if/when it's kicked in. I'm wondering if the starting dose is too low for me. I still feel more clear headed but not as great and focused as I did day 1 and 2.

  6. The effects for me are pretty subtle. I don't "feel" the meds working, but if I look back on a day, it's pretty clear a lot of my side effects were better.

  7. Interesting, okay. I'll have to jot some stuff down at the end of the day. That is how I'm feeling now that I'm used to it, I don't "feel" the meds.

  8. Mine just told me I need to do tests. She said it's to make sure I'm not doing other drugs but also that I'm supposed to test positive for the stimulant to make sure I'm not selling it. Could be people in a certain age range or certain states require it. She said it wasn't her rule, it was the DEA.

  9. I just only take baths lol. Standing is too much work. Laying down is good.

  10. I have done this many many times. I always attributed it to a childhood SA (that gave me the feeling that I couldn't say no) combined with the way society tells women they "should" be. I don't know how to categorize it either and I know that can feel hard to not be able to put a label on it. But just try to deal with the emotions instead of worrying about what it was. And although the "convincing" may not have felt manipulative, it was. Men may not know better but they SHOULD so that doesn't make it okay.

  11. I just started it, but seriously take it as soon as you wake up in the morning. It's long acting. And it tastes like fake orange flavoring. It's weird. But it's working pretty well so far. Definitely comparable to Adderall XR, albeit lasts MUCH longer.

  12. Really? I took it at like 6 am, and felt like I was crashing hard by 4 pm

  13. I work in the insurance industry also! I’ve changed positions within insurance 5 times now because I learn a job, exceed in it and then become bored lol but there is so much to learn. I do think the UW part would be interesting though and keep you stimulated continuously.

  14. People say it's boring but if you like the process of learning it's not boring at all! I love underwriting. It was hard at first with all the decision making (I do E&S so I have to make a lot of calls on my own). But that has basically been like exposure therapy for decision making which is great!

  15. I moved from personal lines and now I’m in small business/commercial. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done in insurance but has been so fascinating to learn about. Surplus lines on their own blow my mind haha

  16. It's the wild west over here! Try it out one day, it's fun!

  17. First of all, you know you are not stupid and lazy. I know you are not stupid and lazy! A stupid, lazy person wouldn't be trying to take care of their mental health and get support.

  18. You're welcome and I hope so too! I'm rooting for you!

  19. Welcome to the land of the unafflicted, where dopamine just comes because you're alive and breathing. The answer is yes. When I took my first dose, I cried because I realized my life isn't that bad, my brain just makes me hate everything. This is why I recommend meds to anyone with adhd, even if they are doing okay at work and can function okay at home. We suffer so much just to get to being okay. Life is more than just okay and I wish doctors would stop recommending meds to those just struggling with work or school.

  20. Thank you! It's so bizarre to me right now, I can't wrap my head around how I feel. I've taken anti depressants for years and I have NEVER felt happy, just numbed to the sadness.

  21. Yes but my house is a WRECK lol my poor partner is so kind and tries to deal with it

  22. This is me with books 😢 I used to read allllll day as a kid. Took books to school and read every chance I got- in between classes, after I finished assignments, in secret during class. At some point in high school I lost the ability. I'm 29 now and have only been able to consume audiobooks, which I can get through if I'm doing something mundane like driving or doing dishes or cleaning. I just can't sit and read a book anymore.

  23. you’re so right, i wish i was better at asking when it comes to certain people or situations. i almost feel embarrassed to ask unless it’s someone very close to me.

  24. I always ask as well or sort of put it back in them to tell me what they want. Like I'll say "I'd love to visit whenever you're ready to have guests over!"

  25. Yes! It has always been a struggle for me. I only was able to start brushing consistently when I stopped using toothpaste. I know it sounds weird, but I really hate toothpaste and I’ve read that it’s not necessary for cleaning your teeth anyway. The friction from the brush is apparently more important? Anyway, that helped me lol (I also have an electric toothbrush. I recommend Quip, because they send you replacement heads and batteries in the mail every three months!)

  26. I hate the toothpaste, it's such a pain to wash your mouth out after and I hate getting the water on my face lol. I have started brushing with no paste in the morning and using it at night! When I remember to brush, anyway.

  27. If you are rinsing your mouth after brushing, then you aren't getting the benefit of the fluoride from the toothpaste anyway. It's supposed to stay on your teeth to soak in. If you don't like splashing water to rinse your lips after brushing, I just use a wet finger kinda like a squeegee to wipe off the foam that's outside my mouth after brushing.

  28. How have I literally been brushing my teeth wrong my whole life!! Thank you. I have been brushing more since I read this, truly the pain of rinsing out my mouth was half the reason I didn't brush sometimes!

  29. Hahahaha I have never once let my nails dry without messing them up. Unless I used a UV lmao but those cause cancer apparently so

  30. Oh but you can use the fast dry stuff and then running them under cold water helps it harden faster!

  31. Before I started working out regularly I could routinely go 2+ weeks....

  32. For me, I was diagnosed as having bipolar II when I came to the hospital after having a really bad depressive episode. During this time I was self medicating with drinking and drugs and I think that’s why I presented as being manic because I was acting that way.

  33. you can try keeping your morning routine as simple and basic as possible, if youd like. for example:

  34. ..... The cleansing is the most annoying part in the morning and it never occurred to me to just rinse with water! Thank you!

  35. Oh, thanks! It does specifically say spring add ons even though she told me it was for the edit sale

  36. So have upper middle class parents lol this is such bullshit

  37. Wanted to do a post today “can we all Share the last thing we had a toddler tantrum meltdown over…” mine was today. About flooring thresholds.

  38. Today, because I thought I placed my grocery pickup order, showed up to pick it up, and apparently had gotten distracted and didnt PUT THE ORDER THROUGH ALL THE WAY. This is the second time I've done this....

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