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“How do I know if I have ADHD?”

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  1. I have one of these sitting in my glove box because I thought it was so cool. Awesome to see this

  2. Actually I started to germinating a handful of about 15 from 2 different batches ...both firelands rough cut something or anothers....gave up after 3 days and tossed em in a dirt pile....came back 2 weeks later and they were I dug em up and separated a few ...I think I got about 6 going.

  3. Damn I hate when my cannabis randomly germinates, plants itself and sprouts “on accident”

  4. Hey there FaithlessnessCreepy1! If you agree with someone else's comment, please leave an upvote instead of commenting "This"! By upvoting instead, the original comment will be pushed to the top and be more visible to others, which is even better! Thanks! :)

  5. That’s the draw length. I’m not exactly sure what the measurement is in as far as seconds or what not, but that number goes up the longer you hit the fire button. Think of that number as your hit high score

  6. That’s why I said “high score” that’s the longest draw the device has been fired for

  7. If you hit the breaker first, what’s the risk

  8. I started a year ago and haven’t been able to go back to reg dabs or hydrocarbon BHO and that

  9. Rosin really fucked up the concentrate game for me too. Haven’t been back to bho since

  10. Just curious what was your negative experience with the versa. I currently have the versa 2.5 and have run quite a few dabs through it and it’s still going strong. I also pre ordered the vGo back in November. Source also rebranded to Monarx and are releasing a new version of the versa called the prime

  11. I still call it source lol and honestly it was bad. I’m a new dabber, had zero idea how to use it tbh. Always had to buy a new part, or send it in. My atomizer broke and I instead bought a High Five duo and love it.

  12. I see. I was just curious because my versa has been my fav Erig so far. Going to check out the highfive duo now though as you have peaked my curiosity.

  13. The Ben n jerry ice cream far right. I’m joking.

  14. Everyone is sucking off Klutch but I’m not convinced! I’ve tried pretty much every brand and my absolute favorite is Wellspring. They have the best sugar wax, live resin, and budders I’ve had in the entire program. Their products are 90% of the time easy to use so they aren’t sticky goopy shit that’s gonna get all over my station and piss me off. Their terpene levels are usually amongst the highest which entails relates to me using less medicine over the day / week and allows me to save money. I’ve had 3 concentrates from Klutch throughout their revamp and new extractors and it has always been delicious and potent but I didn’t like the texture of the material and I had to use substantially more than I’d consider my average. Overall I think Wellspring takes the cake, on the more economical side Standard Wellness has been potent and well made products as well.

  15. Im going to have to buy some wellspring concentrate now. I have always shied away from them but after this lol write up I must try

  16. Right. Take your hate elsewhere. No buddy wants you here.

  17. No hate nothing but love. You the one posting the negativity. My other comment was fucking sarcasm. I only get on here to read product reviews mostly so had to say Something when I saw post with no info posted with it. Fucking Christ…

  18. Nothing but love? Man you need to check your definition of love.

  19. Ace hardware sells 99% for like $25 a gallon. Pretty sure they have smaller sizes too

  20. Lol WCSs are what I fall asleep too. Those are relaxing, you are essentially taking control over something that hasn’t happened yet. Those bring me relief and comfort. What my brain is wasting half its effective conscience power on is shit like: why do I write like that? Should I change the way I hold the pen? Why do I use that little part of the first knuckle to hold it that way? Do pencils still use lead? I like the way some pencils aren’t slippery the way pens can be sometimes, guess that’s why they make pens with gel grips. Why is it called gel? Is it gelatinous? I’m going to say that’s why. What about jelly? That’s spelled with a j instead of a g so probably no relation. How hard does gel have to get before you just call it plastic? I read that micro plastic is 5mm and below in size. There has to be a point when plastic gets so small that it’s called something else. So 5mm and below is inaccurate. It needs to say 5mm to (blank)amount is called micro plastic. I seriously am not sure if I ever finished Strangers with Candy. I remember loving it and watching it, but I don’t remember the finally, I need to check that out and just watch all of those again. Why do I care what the resolution is? Is that cause of marketing programming. I care so much about image quality that I might not watch something I loved? I can be way too superficial and I think as I get older it’s getting both better and worse. Better because I’m aware of it. But worse cause I’m aware of it and I’m still doing it.

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