4. COVID induced psychosis (via acetylcholine toxicity).... essentially I was living (and functional) in a different "dimension" for lack of a better description

  5. 😳😳😳 I have COVID right now. Have never heard of this!

  6. Hello, yes the spike protein (EITHER source) acts on the body just like a nerve agent / venom / OP pesticide.

  7. My theory was already confirmed by many, but now it's finally being confirmed in the main stream:

  8. FWIW, the Nicotine approach is solid, but not for any of the reasons listed in that thread. The "dysfunction" title is actually accurate, but the vast majority of SPS / LC / LCS actually have symptoms of acetylcholine toxicity (+ low dopamine and high glutamate / catecholamines) NOT low acetylcholine (there are always exceptions / pre-existing conditions / anomalies).

  9. I thought my promethazine worked great for this after they took me off it I started getting migraines. Switched me to hydroxizine not as good but still pretty beneficial for LH. I'm off that too now. Gen 1 were really helpful to me

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