1. You can run in normal mode to acquire the armour and do an apocalyptic run afterwards with the armour unlocked.

  2. If you’re not quite comfortable driving up the wall to hit it, then I would say:

  3. I've been playing midfield mostly when the ball is in the corner, but I've also tried to bounce it off the wall

  4. Also, I feel like Assassins Creed would be a lot of fun, but I never played any, and I heard that they are turning into collect-a-thons with open-world environments.

  5. fix - use an old Xbone controller (last gen controller, with the non-updated D-pad) on the SX and there won't be any controller issues.

  6. I made a thread about that same issue, apparently, there is a fix to use an older Xbone controller (with the older d-pad) and that controller should work. I never got around to testing it but I will over the weekend and report back.

  7. Did you ever figure this out? Same thing keeps happening to me.

  8. Found a fix! Use an old Xbone controller over the newer series X ones. They're the ones with the older dpad.

  9. Same thing happened to me and I thought something was up with my controller. I switched to one of my older Xbox one x controllers and had no issues. So strange, but glad to know it wasn’t just me.

  10. Found a fix! Use an old Xbone controller over the newer series x one.

  11. A lot more glitches in this game than you would think. Carnival Night was such a pain as Super sonic because of red barrels and spikes "squishing" me to death even though I didn't go under them at all.

  12. Trying to 100% Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy, but I find the gem system very convoluted. Is there some kind of in game way to know what I need to do in each level to unlock the gems, or do I have to rely on walkthroughs?

  13. So there's two types of gems to collect, box gems and "Special" (or colored) gems. Box gems tend to be the simplest, break all the boxes and you get the gem at the end of the level. However, the special gem routes sometimes have boxes you need to collect to get the box gems. The game likes to tease you, for example in the first snow level of Crash 2 you see a floating red gem, but no way to get it. The best way to think about each level is that some are connected to each other, and that some levels intertwine and overlap. Basically what I'm saying is that each level has a box gem, but not every level has all the boxes accessible right away.

  14. So was I extremely lucky to get the Steam version of the Sonic collection through the Mega Drive Classics? Which included Sonic 3 & Knuckles, has the original music in it from my purchase many, many years ago?

  15. the gamecube Sonic Mega Collection has the original soundtrack also

  16. I’ve never talked about it cause I didn’t know that was a thing? Is it DLC?

  17. Thats probably the best answer here that I'm gonna get, lol. I'll give it a try

  18. It's mostly trial and error. Especially if you're playing the original version with the choppy field of view, for many of those ring/bomb placements you just won't be able to see coming and you'll probably fail a lot as a result. I have no trouble with them nowadays but getting there required many savestates lmao.

  19. I'm playing on the xbox port right now, and yeah the bombs/rings aren't always in view right away. And I didn't know that about Anniversary mode, but still I would like to see if I can get Super Sonic the original way.

  20. Just wear a 3 set Cain armor for bonus 50% experience gained and slot a gem in the helm for extra. You can craft it at around lvl 22

  21. Just wear it, more xp gained will outweigh lower stats when leveling.

  22. thats what i was gonna do in the first place but I wanted to know if I could boost the stats on it first.

  23. Not to hijack this post but I have no CR available after making a seasonal Demon Hunter, what should I do to make it available to play? I can only start story mode.

  24. You have to have completed a solo GR to unlock challenge rifts. If you're brand new to the game, you're pretty much restricted to leveling up the old-fashioned way in no more than Expert difficulty.

  25. ok I've done rifts but not GR's yet, so if I do that then CR's unlock?

  26. I think it might be on the d pad to portal to town from any location as long as you are not getting hit.

  27. HTML tags don't work on reddit, you just use single asterisks on either side for italics and double asterisks for bold

  28. They also did the Crash Bandicoot Remakes. Crash 4 was made by Toys for Bob, so it seems like they'll have the Crash reigns from now on, but VV made their own custom Crash levels, that I liked a lot better. IMO the Crash Remakes from VV played better than Crash 4 from ToB

  29. waiting on Kingdoms of Amalur: Day of Reckoning 2. keep the gameplay the same just fix the inventory menus.

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