1. Ok so this is the first time I'm using links... Does this mean something? I mean, can you do something or gain something if you do this as a mechanic or is it just cool

  2. Back in Master Rule 4, if you controlled both extra monster zones with no arrows pointing to your opponents field they couldn't summon from the extra Deck. It takes some strategy to do, but now it's just something cool to do since you'd only be able to lock the opponent out of Links and extra Deck pendulums

  3. If only but there are decks in MD that use a strat to do the extra link and make use of a card called iblee which can special summon to your opponent field when it leaves the field and it’s effect is that you can only link summon which paired with a extra link deck makes them locked out of ALL special summons. And the link themselves have destruction immunity’s and such. I would know this because I play it..

  4. Something tells me you don't get that far very often. Partly because of the scoop mentality of MD and that it sounds like nib bait

  5. Using my mental powers I'm going to guess what player you are:

  6. MR4 crippled other mechanics not just pendulum. Only 1 ED summon unless you had link arrows was a horrible idea because it stomped on every previous deck that made extra deck plays

  7. There can only be one or they need to change the ruling.

  8. Honestly, label screw-ups are a thing that happens in real life research too. For example, Ben Franklin got the charges reversed when researching electricity, to the annoyance of everyone studying it later that still have to use the flipped around system.

  9. this one is isn't really a label screw-up this is words having multiple meanings and people missing the explanation for the names.

  10. They're given as login rewards from time to time. I'm not 100% certain if it's from a set number of days of or if they drop at the start of events.

  11. Back to KH1 Kairi where she bonks Sora on the head for spouting nonsense. Love it

  12. This is the good thing about kh and other series that have these details. Because it means that no matter how much it changes, as long as it keeps the idiosyncrasies we'll be fine because it's still the same at it's core. 13s and 7s being every where is just kh

  13. Back before I understood stats, back when I was playing Silver, I taught my Smeargle Aeroblast and Sacred Fire. Thought it was the coolest because it knew both legendary's signature moves. Couldn't figure out why it wasn't as strong as I thought it would be until it was a way higher level though, but once you grinded it up there, it worked.

  14. We are inching ever closer to the meta where the most oppressive deck is neither player playing the game :D

  15. You're not doing anything wrong. Pokémon games are pretty grind heavy but you don't notice on casual playthroughs because there are no consequences to losing besides losing money. So you could just press forward and only grind on the off chance that the steamroller was stopped. Now that you want to keep as much alive as possible, you're now aware of how much battling you have to do

  16. Red eyes. I bricked really hard and despite my best effort I couldn't swing momentum back in my favor and got burned

  17. DLC is better than doing a 3rd ( or 3rd and 4th) game at full price. In all honesty they shouldn't be doing 2 versions anymore either. The difference between the games only matter when they're done well and trading is becoming less and less appealing. While the games do make a large amount of money merch makes almost 4 times as much they could consolidate to 1 game and there probably would only be a negligible difference

  18. A tie between Roshi and Whis for me, Roshi not only taught him how to fight but taught that there's more to life than just winning or fighting. And that pushes Goku to grow and be worthy to be trained by his other teachers. Whis is silly, but when it comes to getting Goku to go down the right path, Whis's no nonsense attitude causes Goku to think immediately and find a solution instead of blundering about until he finds one.

  19. Dark Magician. For no other reason than to put them out of their misery. Warrior, sleep.

  20. No. I don't think them getting together will be one of the final moves HB makes. While it could be the end of Stolas and Blitz's arc, there's more to deal with beyond that. Also Stolas has multiple death flags hanging over his head. So if Stolitz doesn't happen, he's dying. Or both could happen.

  21. Then you have never played against the 3 subterrors players in this game

  22. Dude surrendered because i summoned 2 of the suships

  23. Some of the best writing in the series, global suffered because the hatred of mobile games lead to a large amount of cheating (not an opinion but still worth mentioning). the art style is great it just sucks that it was only one person animating it until the end of UX's life where they added a second a person only for it to end service relatively soon after.

  24. They started experimenting with it in gen 5 and people only started acting like they enjoyed those games relatively recently. They did voice acting with Pokémon like Pikachu and Eevee and they've stepped back from that as well The games have done really well without it and probably don't see a legitimate reason to do so. Fans wanting it is not a valid enough reason for them to put full effort into it (see follow Pokémon and Megas).

  25. hop into master duel or a ygo simulator and play with links. this doesn't matter. There are a ton of cards that end up pointing to zones that don't exist even with a all 5 monster zones. That's part of the Link gimmick, placing stuff in the right spot

  26. Because one of these was paired with engines that people hate. Sword soul on it's own was fine. But Halqdon variants are a thing and that paints them in a bad light

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