1. I have. So my ndad came into his true self after mom died when I was 4 and he spent 20 years making me out to be a terrible person, using the mental health system against me, he is a malignant psychopath narcissist who physically sexually qnd verbally abused me. He did a LOT of really fucked shit including but not limited to: -not allowing me to grieve my mom -not having any nutritious food in the house, was raised on cereal and fast food -dumping me at a military style boarding school and when i came home shell shocked he abused me more and invited the directors over for dinner every month for years.

  2. Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I've had experience with the mental health system and can honestly say I've never seen a legit case of it, its used mainly to pathologize abused children in dysfunctional families.

  3. absolutely not took me out ☠️ she has no job so she has nothing to talk about lmao

  4. Is it bad that my Narc dad would abuse adults around us too?? I can't tell you how many family friends we lost after my mom died because of his behavior. And he would also blackmail or abuse nannies and my godmother as much as he could. I've read elsewhere that narcissism turns into psychopathy when they can't control themselves even with adults or people not in the family.

  5. No narcissists can abuse their adult children and relatives that are 50+. It's about other adults that come from functional familes that won't allow the abuse and narcissists are aware of it. There is nothing that narcissists can do to people that have nothing in common with them.

  6. Oh yeah I see what you're saying. That last sentence is so true, as i heal I realize I have less and less in common with him and so relate to him less- now when he acts up I don't blink an eye and just Grey rock automatically

  7. Not a photo of her sister, not a photo of the ultrasound, not even a photo of Sara WITH her sister, but Sara in her unflattering, dull dress and her prop fiancé 💀

  8. Omg prop fiance was what I was thinking too LMAO she wishes Owen looked like that

  9. I'm annoyed that the people who abused me didn't realize it was abuse

  10. Exactly. These people have no idea the damage they've done. Then they wanna cry and whine when they're cut off.

  11. This 100 percent so many people think materials like fiat, gold, silver, bitcoin are a good place to park their money - especially during a collapse.

  12. I know someone who has invested a lot into collecting gold coins, but they live in squalor. Really weird tbh

  13. Oh please we all know chinny is just jealous that DeeDee has chemistry with Nader. We all saw the video of them playing together. I think DeeDee also embodies the saying "sexy is a mindset"- chinny can't compare to that level of confidence.

  14. Picturing how she must’ve regularly belittled and yelled at Becky, she’d go ape shit on him if the cameras are hidden

  15. Remember that Steven guy from my 600lb life? It would be just like that and the nurses would be rolling their eyes as she frantically calls around trying to find a taxi that can fit her so she can go home to die

  16. What is this, medieval times?? In culinary school we were taught that during the medieval times peasants mostly lived off "gruel" which was basically oatmeal with added vegetables or whatever they had on hand. Your response to that was perfect!!!

  17. Jesus, they just look so stretched out. God only knows what it will look like texture wise when they deflate. Does that leave permanent marks??

  18. This is such an important post- thank you for putting this out there!!! One really sad thing I've realized lately is that none of the adults in my life when i was growing up legitimately didn't want to spend time with me or acted like I was a burden because I was adopted. I wasn't allowed to play with my cousins because I was a 'bad kid' nor was I allowed to speak to relatives so now I don't know anyone in the family except for my abusive father. I am very isolated and despite being a really good friend I can't do relationships in any capacity without heavily dissociating because of having PTSD and being afraid of other people.

  19. I have a pet bird who is almost constantly "with egg". Her behaviors completely change during that time and she needs a lot of extra TLC until she lays the clutch. They know!!!

  20. DeeDee must have those too considering how Nader needs to dive in there monthly so he can get his paycheck

  21. Psychologist called my school and had me removed because "I needed to relax" according to her. I was an adult at the time. Had to redo an entire year and ended up with a fine because neither the school nor she told me I was no longer at school.

  22. I have the same thing due to a teacher in high school calling cops to take me to the hospital because I admitted to struggling mentally senior year (I had to leave home due to abuse and lived with my bf at the time so I could finish high school, of course i was so depressed!!) The hospital didn't take me but I had to switch schools because it made everything so much worse.

  23. My one question is.... HOW THE FUCK DOES SHE SHAVE?

  24. Her bulbous stomach literally fills her underwear whidh completely defeats the purpose of under garments. They're supposed to shield the most private parts from view, not encompass the slab of fat that hangs in front of them...

  25. You know what's sad about that? Do you remember meals? When you replay memories in you mind do you think about trips to the beach, or hikes with your dog or do you think about a Mcdonald lunch you had? Looking back on all my experiences not once do I recall food I've eaten, even if I recall having the best breakfast on the Puerto Rican beach with my dad. I can't remember the taste if the food but I remember the sunrise, the ocean, and talking with my dad. What exactly do her memories hold for her? Sitting on the couch? Shopping on Amazon? Reorganizing her fridge? Sad, just sad.

  26. Jesus I never thought about it like that. She's never really done anything of consequence in her entire life, wonder what that would be like!!!

  27. Jesus, she is worse than amber with the scamming men thing. I watched her for a couple of years but stopped just before the fillers. It's shocking to see this sub and her face now, and very sad.

  28. I can't believe that she called DeeDee a Russian wrestler because now she looks like someone's Babushka 🤣🤣🤣

  29. I was breadcrumbed by almost every member of my family growing up and now that I'm an adult I attract friends who do the same thing and act like it's a crime for me to want 'The whole loaf' aka respect

  30. -when people ghost me and then pretend like nothing happened. This became a problem with people who claim that they 'ignore everyone' like that's normal and ok, and who blame me for wanting to talk to them regularly like that's a crime.

  31. The very nature of the disorder creates abuse. With the nsrcissist there is no true communication, no real conversation it's all a game rigged against you. Every single one of the common behaviors by narcissists are abusive in some type of way because it is done with negative intention, meant to hurt the other person for whatever reason they can make up in their head.

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