AITA for not acting impressed by my wife's " accomplishment?"

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  1. Well then clearly you are mentally ill and suffering from serious delusions.

  2. People said the same thing about Simon Cowell when he came out looking perpetually wet, so I don’t see how it’s misogyny. Michael Jackson had excessive plastic surgery too and was made fun of way worse than she is.

  3. Tell the people you need to tell and let the rest figure it out on their own. If you have an adviser, I would let them know you wouldn't be returning and maybe your departmental student services coordinator if you have one. You don't need to tell peers or classmates because they are not on a "need to know" basis.

  4. I think them trying to brand Biden as senile really backfires a lot. If this man is senile and he pulled something like this, what does it say about congressional Republicans that they got boondoggled by a senile old man on TV?

  5. I'm not black but I imagine very few men would enjoy being treated like a fetish object.

  6. Madonna is definitely a creep, weirdo, and predatory for going after men way younger than she is, but I also think 28 is a lot different than 19. Leonardo DiCaprio is extra creepy because he pursues teenagers who lack the type of maturity or life experience that a 28 year old could be assumed to reasonably have.

  7. I think some of it is deliberate. A lot of bullshit can be made to sound intelligent if it sounds smart, and I think some people just don't want to admit that they don't understand something. I'm not going to call out specific scholars or fields, but there's a couple well known scholars who write in this way and their work is, in my view, deliberately inaccessible. I've called it intellectual masturbation before, because that's what it reads like to me.

  8. Judith Butler is notorious for this, and one reason I can't stand reading her writing. She was criticized by Gloria Steinem for it too.

  9. He and/or she is definitely trolling. Nobody is seriously this stupid or unhinged. On the improbable, remote, chance he and/or she is serious, then he and/or she should be sent to a psychiatrist for evaluation.

  10. Questioning/ unlabeled are not “valid LGBT identities” because they are not identities at all. Questioning one’s sexuality is a process, not something a person is born as. One is born gay or bisexual; nobody is born “questioning”. Being unlabeled is also not an identity. It’s more of an anti-identity because that person is explicitly saying they don’t want to be classified as one particular thing for some reason (usually homophobia).

  11. Stfu me knowing about my boyfriends dick isbt weird you prude fuck guess me hooking up and seeing a strangers is weird to you too huh

  12. You posted a public comment on the internet dumbass. If you only wanted people to agree with you and validate you, get a diary. "I want to know whether you are circumcised for Valentines day" is weird, regardless whether you think it is or not.

  13. Aw you stupid mf you are on the internet too I can call you out on ur dumbass views you are prude acting like answering that question is too much and is weird makes you weird infact

  14. I look forward to Valentine's Day every year. Not because I do anything special on the actual day, but because the day after all the candy is 50% off.

  15. A person who builds a website to check whether people have streamed a game they don't like does not sound like someone who is mentally healthy. It sounds like a person in desperate need of immediate psychiatric intervention.

  16. YTA. Your wife sacrificed some of her future to raise y’all’s kids while you were just given a job by your dad. Honestly, her passing her GED is more impressive than your career accomplishments because she actually had to work for it while you just had to exist.

  17. NTA and I’d consider whether this relationship is in your daughter’s best interest. Not only did she leave your daughter alone, she gave her potentially dangerous food. If it was sitting in the car, who knows how hot that food got. Hopefully there wasn’t any dairy in it. It’s also inexcusable because she could have stopped after they played golf and gotten something on her way home.

  18. LastnameBunchanumbers sure sounds like a totally not fake account.

  19. YTA and I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to ride in the car with someone who constantly offers so much unsolicited advice.

  20. I think if a person wants to bash someone for purchasing something they personally find unethical, I think they are obligated to be completely transparent about the products they buy and what companies they support.

  21. I've had some bad luck in my program and am on my third laptop at this point, so I use that as an excuse when people ask me for my work and I'm not inclined to share it. Of course it's all backed up to an external hard drive, but they don't need to know that. I just say "Sorry, I don't have that anymore. It must have been on my old laptop that died. Maybe you could reach out to [professor]?"

  22. If something cannot be proven or disproven, then it's a matter of faith, not science.

  23. Conciousnes can't be proven or disproven YET but we know it's real cause we all experience it. Gender can't be proven or disproven YET but we know it's real cause we all experience it, cis people also experience gender just like trans people.

  24. We experience stereotypes based on sex observed at birth, which some people call gender. There is no evidence that "gender" is anything more than sex stereotypes.

  25. If you don’t feel comfortable going, stay home. Your professors are probably anticipating absences. One year we had wind chills of -35 to -40 and my university administration told people to just walk to classes through the buildings as much as possible. Predictably, we had very sparse attendance. I don’t blame folks for staying home.

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