1. FG you do high neck, and animation very well. The short hair also suits you. Gamine energy is right on you.

  2. Thank you so much! I asked someone else this, I hope you don’t mind me asking you as well - which looks are closest to FG looks? For some reason I’m really struggling to translate the theoretical description of gamine what-to-wear to my actual wardrobe :)

  3. Pics 4, 5 , 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 imo are great gamine looks. High necklines, contrast, crop top, shows off juxtaposition which is what gamines are all about.

  4. I would try soft natural and romantic lines to see which fits better. You need curve accommodation some type of waist emphasis or definition so I would put you in the yin catergory.

  5. Makes sense in that FN need openness so it makes sense that it would apply to footwear as well.

  6. Since this won’t work for those of us in the north with 10 months of cold weather I’d love to see other options. I’d assume the opposite would also be true. Thigh high boots would look good on FN but those aren’t incredibly practical.

  7. I think in case of cold weather vertical and width would apply. Platforms, sturdy heels and round toe boots. Also as ypu said tall boots would work as well.

  8. This is so great and I think exactly how to establish something that is personal and tailored to you.

  9. It depends on how you use it. I personally don't think it does but I view it as a tool to understand fabric and what shapes are complimentary to my body. I found it explained a lot about why clothes weren't working for me and eased a lot of frustration about my body. I view it as a tool to focus my creativity in the way I present myself through clothing in the most flattering way.

  10. Kim has different bones from a romantic. She has frame dominance plus curve while a romantic is curve dominant. You can see it when she wore Marilyn Monroe's dress obviously versus how she looks in soft natural lines. Even Kanye has said her best looks are when she is natural. One of her best Vogue photoshoots were of her wearing soft natural friendly lines.

  11. I think there is a possibility that you have both. I see gamine but you lack the intensity so that may be the ingenue coming through.

  12. An argument could be made for it but it is not the first thing I think of when I see the dress.

  13. What’s interesting is when I started my kibbe journey I thought I was a dramatic classic and I found out I’m FN. so it kind of make since my aura is more classic then dramatic although I’m FN in kibbe system.

  14. Is your aura dramatic classic? If so, how did you incorporate with your FN lines

  15. I believe I am natural, dramatic and classic with some ingenue or gamine. I stick to the darker palette of my color season, stay away from unnatural colors on my hair as they don't vibe with the classic. Incorporate assymetry into my hair which satisfies both the dramatic and the dramatic classic. Limit my jewelry as I find limited jewelry works better for me again satisfying both the dramatic and classic. I make sure my lines are comfortable but not overly relaxed as that doesn't work with my dramatic or classic.

  16. I don't see the change in Kibbe type. She looks like a flamboyant gamine at any weight.

  17. Soft Gamine. You have the soft and sharp juxtaposition of a gamine not the overall roundness of a romantic. Besides that you very much give off textbook gamine energy.

  18. That's true! I meant that her body and some of her essence remained - so I agree in saying that I don't think you can completely override an essence with surgery. But I think you can diminish it for sure! : )

  19. But Lana Del Ray has had surgery to change her from a natural to a classic. Her old pics pre-surgery were really...something else. Let's just say they weren't the Americana sweetheart pics we knew from Born to Die. But her body stayed the same - they still dressed her in loose basic items.

  20. But you made my point even with the surgery they still had to honor what she is which is a natural.

  21. This is so interesting!! I didn’t think I had any ingenue because I’m a Kibbe soft dramatic so I just assumed dramatic and ingenue were too far apart to be in the same person. Very pleasantly surprised with the general consensus lol

  22. Yeah Ingenue was the first thing I saw as you have a very sweet face but can also lean into your romantic and dramatic if you want to or play with all three. Kibbe is about how fabric interacts with your body while essences is about how you are perceived and that may or may disagree with your Kibbe type. It can be like finding the missing piece of the puzzle if you find something missing after figuring out your Kibbe type. I think it is helpful to know both to create a fuller picture and get to the why something is working or not working to create a complete wardrobe.

  23. I feel like you have dramatic but also gamine somewhere in your blend. I don't think the different hair colors look separate from you.

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