1. Correct answer was provided, so locking this up since people are trying to be funny and clever, but it's bordering on rude.

  2. If you like the dangling part and care less about the chains,

  3. I kind of swap hair color from time to time, but I'll only change the hair style if the clipping is terrible. I have a favorite short cut, and a favorite long cut.

  4. I'm going to let this one slide, but please make sure you are following rule #3 for future posts. I can barely see the glamour at all.

  5. Kind of like the Chimerical Felt Tabard of Aiming and the Brightlinen Himation of Aiming, though I think I prefer the Brightlinen over the Chimerical. Thanks for taking the time to help with this.

  6. Great! Just for extra data, here is how the Brightlinen dyes (I assume you'll want red because of the description you gave):

  7. PCOS is technically considered a disease of the endocrine system, but it is linked to increased risk for several known autoimmune diseases. The biological markers and causes of PCOS are in common with autoimmune diseases. Destruction of immune homeostasis is tightly related to the pathological process of PCOS.

  8. I just read into soy a bit and I’m really coming around to trying to cut it out of my diet completely but it’s really difficult. Not sure if the stuff I read is true (anti-soy material) but it was some studies linking it to cancer and all that. Including seed oils in general. Not taking it too seriously but avoiding it as much as possible and going hard with olive oil.

  9. I figured out I had a soy sensitivity, and what surprised me the most when trying to eliminate 100% of it from my diet was how much Soybean oil is in everything. If it's not the oil, then it's the lecithin. Switching your cooking oil to olive oil is a great start, but start reading labels of everything and just be aware of what has soy in it so you can start looking for alternatives. If you want a few recommendations for soy-free stuff or for shortcuts on finding alternatives, let me know. I'd be happy to share.

  10. Yea it’s crazy how it’s pretty much in anything that comes wrapped, bagged, or jarred. I figured it’ll be impossible to escape it, but I’m making small changes like getting the “natural” Jiff peanut butter because the normal one uses soybean, olive oil, sourdough bread, etc. Even in most breadcrumbs or flour alternatives… it’s just everywhere.

  11. yup, Peanut butter wasn't too hard of a change, there seemed to be a few different options. I've also switched to a natural version. I think Walmart's Great Value Natural Peanut Butter (No Stir kind) was the cheapest version I found without soybean oil.

  12. Years ago I received a microsomal TPO result of 28.6 U/mL, which was normal, to my understanding (?)

  13. It couldn't hurt to try testing it again next time you see a doctor. It can change over time.

  14. Of course it’s genetic, but there are triggers that turn on that gene.

  15. The triggers vary wildly. Extreme stress (physical or mental), pain, or illness. Illness can of course include toxin exposure, but it can also be things like the flu. Or more recently, Covid. Child birth/pregnancy is also another common one.

  16. I think I didn’t write that clearly. Toxins and environmental triggers are almost 100 percent a cause for Hashimoto’s - not the only.

  17. I see, that would make more sense. On that we can agree =)

  18. Thats very precise and high quality! What is it made of?

  19. You might be able to get away with using metallic green to look like a green glow on some gear.

  20. Thank you for sharing! I was just hoping to get some feedback on TSH levels outside of TTC/pregnancy because mine seems high even on its own. If that's what you mean by all my information? I find people don't give much feedback when I ask things specifically about pregnancy. My FT4 is also on the lower end. 0.86 (range .78-2.19) but he seems to think its fine. My fertility dr doesn't want to take over my care of my thyroid, he wants me to keep seeing my endo. It's so hard to find proper thyroid care and everyone takes six months to get into.

  21. If it's available to you, try to see/get a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. They will be a obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) physician who diagnoses and treats endocrine disorders that are either directly or indirectly related to reproduction.

  22. Thank you! I have tried to get in with one... they are all at fertility clinics that want to see you if you are doing IVF which we are not ready to do yet.

  23. I'm really sorry, that's rough. My only other recommendation is if your endo is making a big deal about going up to 75mcg, see if they'll meet you in the middle. Tirosint has a 13mcg (half dose) pill. That would bring you to 63mcg. It's worth a shot.

  24. My doctor requests that I fast, and get the blood done as early as possible in the morning before I take my meds.

  25. Haha same! Especially with guard up! Make them work for that last little bit the crystal has to go. It's the little things, and it's still fun for all.

  26. and then lb as PLD or DRK for that 10sec invuln. It's so satisfying.

  27. I've been seeing a nutritionist over the last 4 months. She's trying to steer me as close to whole foods/plant based as I can possibly get for maximum anti-inflammatory benefits. My husband has stage 3 kidney disease, so we have already cut out all red meat per his doctor's orders. Per my doctor's orders, we've added more fish and seafood (at least twice a week). The only other meat we eat is chicken/turkey. I have a sensitivity to Nitrites, so it was easier and cheaper just to cut out ham/bacon/pork.

  28. hahahah I knewI wasn't losing it! Since yu mentioned Endrance I remembered his previous character which was called

  29. Yup! One of my favorite characters with my favorite backstory. <3

  30. For me, it's like I'm hungover (but without the headache). However, I never drink.

  31. The exact gear isn't available. Garland Tools has some guesses for the closest gear:

  32. I ran through all the comments, I didn't really want to repeat something already said. But I didn't see this brought up.

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