1. Is it some kind of campaign? I have never heard about him (and his wife) as much as in last few days/weeks. And it’s basically “He is doing nothing really but is rich and married while pretending to be chef”.

  2. He won an award recently for that variety thing? So maybe that’s why. Idk lol.

  3. Award? Aren’t you supposed at least be in some variety show and try a little for an Award like a bare minimum.

  4. The award was for the “young upcoming Hollywood celebrities” to my understanding. So people like Hailey Bailey, Becky G, Angus Cloud etc won.

  5. Well, it’s not been a good week to be Brooklyn Beckham. He’s been getting dragged, and I’m living for it 😭🍅

  6. So am I! I have nothing against him personally, he actually seems nice enough (unlike his parents, who are not nice people at all) but it annoys me no end that he has been handed opportunity after opportunity, all on a golden platter, and not managed to make good on a single one. I actually wish he would just clear off and live on his wife's and parents' millions and leave the apprenticeships to people who would actually follow through on them. It makes me so very angry that there are genuinely talented people who have no chance because they have no money and have to graft away for minimum wage, while these loser nepokids swan around (not) doing jobs that they have no aptitude for. It isn't only Brooklyn, but he is an especially egregious example because he is neither attractive nor is he intelligent.

  7. Naur I agree 100%. Him winning that variety award was just peak nepotism. He’s needs to be brought down a peg.

  8. This is what Alexa Demie said she did. She just told herself she had great skin? Then it happened lol.

  9. It was mentioned in a thread of celebrities that believed and talked about the law.

  10. This isn’t really tea but more of my thoughts, and since I kinda love this boring saga of Nicola and Brooklyn I thought I’d share.

  11. I see where you’re coming from but I’ve followed Nicola since before she was with Anwar. She’s been huge on hf twitter and on tumblr too for quite a few years. It’s a small niche but she’s very popular in those subs/communities.

  12. I heard that this was taken out of context or something. That she was disappointed but ultimately her and her dad got a joking humour. So I think it’s exaggerated.

  13. Sksks the way it was on sight for everyone who said something on Twitter. It still sends me 😭

  14. They'll never make me forget how much of a racist Hailey Bieber is. They can try to market her as whatever they want, it won't work lol. Plus, even without my justified dislike: she has accomplished nothing despite all the privilege and chances she get. What is iconic about her, really?

  15. Hailey would also just block anyone asking for an apology. Which speaks for itself lmao.

  16. The way when I first saw this I thought it was my arch nemesis turned bestie Ryan Gosling.

  17. Idk when the trailer came out, I saw multiple viral tik toks of women basically nutting in their panties to Harry going down on Florence, as if they finally had good gifs to add to their wattpad stories.

  18. Okay grandpa? But can you even name one MCU reference….oh right 😏


  20. Supernatural by Mariah Carey! It’s a cute song and you can hear her kids on the track.

  21. From what I understand. They’re basically saying that she’s directing this towards white men. Because of her use of cock. Chile….

  22. At the time it was a drama on Twitter because there were some videos of Doja Cat being on racist chat rooms with white supremacist. A bunch of people hoped onto the bandwagon, but a lot of black men hoped onto it. It validated to them that Doja was just obsessed with racist white guys.

  23. Ugh, I honestly just don’t get it. How many times do you need to get arrested before you realize? Nah I shouldn’t assault people. Wishful thinking I guess 😒

  24. When watching black widow, my mom kept saying “haha she’s so cute” everytime Florence Pugh did something lol. My mom thought she was adorable

  25. Brendan Faser, I know he’s already having his comeback. However it sucks the batgirl movie got shelved cause I was excited to see it for him

  26. I’m glad the residency is back on, but the whole situation changed my perspective on Adele. She came off as quiet entitled, hopefully the fans who got spent all that money on flights and hotels on opening day feel at peace lol.

  27. You know, a lot of people like to blame teenage girls for making these type of conspiracies up (which they’re apart of). However there are a TON of grown women who should know better and participates in these types of stuff.

  28. Yeah but he’s a cheapskate so he never spends money lol

  29. Maybe when he dies.......? 💀 Sorry if that's too dark. Also, happy cake day.

  30. I absolutely hated how Joss Whedon wrote Steve Rogers. The "language!" joke pisses me off so much, because it implies WWII vets didn't swear like sailors all the time.

  31. It also bothered me because he’s written like a grandpa? When he’s a dude in his 20’s (I think) who got frozen. So he should act more like a younger guy of his time.

  32. 2/10 why isn't Captain America far more racist and unaccepting of queerness

  33. He’s supposed to be “one of the good one’s” but he still should’ve been more shocked by the progressions lol

  34. People who have money to spend on high fashion are not going to spend it on a celebrity brand. The most successful celebrity brands have been mid-tier because their fans can actually afford to buy their products.

  35. Kinda unrelated but Perrie Edward has her fashion brand (sorta), and I remember all us fans being very bothered by the prices. It was like 100$ for a black sweater with minimal words on it.

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