Fully deployed, positive +$110K YTD and ready for santa claus rally – told yall the bottom was in and fed would pivot. Eating wagyu tonight!

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  1. Most americans are already saddled with student debt from bachelors that didn't serve them too well. Blowing 100-200k on a useless degree is a trust fund kid thing honestly and serves no purpose other than to build connections which people often already tend to have through family.

  2. Speaking from personal experience, I am a domestic student pursuing an MBA because it allows me to switch careers and will provide an income boost. And I come from a family without any money, so my funding is through savings, loans, and scholarships.

  3. What sort of fundamentals do you look for that signal a company won’t default?

  4. “I was just asking what time my shift starts tomorrow, but thanks Emily”

  5. What people fail to grasp is that the debt from student loans is perpetual by design. It serves to keep valuable workers in the US. By endowing students with massive debts that take decades to work off, graduates are incentivized to remain in the us where they earn dollars to pay off the dollar denominated debts. By then they will likely have children and remain US citizens for life.

  6. Something seems antithetical about reading the Bible and going to Hooters lines but who am to expect consistency.

  7. In my class, I've divided everyone into three groups:

  8. It’s cool, I’m sure no other politicians have ever sent a lot of dick pics.

  9. If you don’t want to pay the fee, don’t use the service. Easy as that.

  10. Open a treasury direct account and buy 1y treasuries directly from the government ( They auction them every 2 weeks and you will get a higher yield thank going through a brokerage, bank or credit union.

  11. “I’m not really a cat person or a dog person, but I really hate the idea of cats”

  12. This one pisses me off. Because we want kids to treat everyone with mutual respect we are indoctrinating them? Society has truly lost its way.

  13. Yeah, and they have to call it "woke" because its easier to hate. If you say people are trying to make a more inclusive space and teach kindness and acceptance, its harder for the right to argue against it without looking like garbage people.

  14. "We're very polite and respectful, as long as you are white and completely agree with whatever I have to say." - Neo-nazis

  15. Unpopular opinion, but my range on where Bitcoin could be in 2030, given it’s past movements, is between $250k-$1.25mm per coin. It’s a large range, but given that this past year alone it has ranged from 15k-65k, the spread isn’t unreasonable.

  16. That from the gov... morons. Not from a company

  17. It’s not law, it’s what Elon has been saying he was going to do. He publicly stated he wanted the platform to be a site for free speech. Now he is hand selecting who he thinks should be allowed the platform to speak “freely”.

  18. Counter point: Calling the kettle black doesn't make the kettle black. It is just describing what already exists.

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