1. She’s the definition of a ‘pick me’ girl who’s always going to be like- I’m not like other girls. Run.

  2. Bhai please remove that Snapchat filter wali photo. You’re not some 15 year old girl living in 2016

  3. The front facing video posted earlier had kendull fans going crazyyyy for her. This is a better angle to show what a shit runway model she is

  4. Alia really took up Kareena and Deepika‘s personality and molded them together according to what suited her pov lmao

  5. She basically showed Kim kardashian’s new face to her doctor and said - yeaaaaa that one!

  6. Few months? Bro you’re 18. What mysterious part do you think you have to offer? Your board marks? It may sound harsh but you need to grow up, smell the coffee and please set up your career- not dating profile.

  7. Greta Thunberg is giving Travis an award for “help towards the environment”

  8. You werent wrong. But sometimes we have to understand perspective of other people also. If I leave my office in the evening after literally grinding all day long and feeling tired, all I want is maybe a seat to sit?? Maybe he was just having a bad day. Don’t think too much about it. Let bygones be bygones.

  9. Itne paise toh jaake live comedy show dekho, Mughal garden is about to open- jaake dekho, go to Surajkund mela, aaj Red Fort mein event hai jao, pathaan dekho

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