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  1. Pass it on, battles, cook book, gadgets and a-z

  2. I don't understand how you can moan and grief someone for playing the in a legit way.

  3. Because they are deliberately interfering with the enjoyment of other players by being a douche. You wanna play like that, fine. Play pvp and kick all the ass you want, just stop being a dickhead and simply wrecking the game for others.

  4. It might be the one being sold in eververse with the bad juju pack.

  5. It might mean that he’s not coming on the platform at all because of well, not because he can’t get up to the platform

  6. Nah been on platforms without well and he acts the same way

  7. Not really sure how much using a well really affects the Nezarec encounter. Our team did an all strand run yesterday and just staying up on one of the plates without a well was no issue.

  8. Yep it's nothing to do with well. Downvote if you like still doesn't change the fact that he acts the same way with or without well.

  9. That's such a nice set up. What's the lights on the wall?

  10. If they add more you can never catch them all, it's the same problem pokemon has.

  11. You're 10hrs in with stuff to do so of course u see no issues at the moment

  12. Tormentors were the best part of the campaign and probably the best enemy Bungie has added in a very long time.

  13. oof the timing really hurts with this one.

  14. Lmao that 1000% never happened haha oh Americans.

  15. Normal raid doesn’t have to feel like trying to perform at cirque du soleil. And I found it refreshing to be able to raid without the normal witherhoard energy weapon and linear combo. People having a good time and wanting to do the mechanics. I guess , for me it feels totally fine as a normal raid. If master fails to add more complexity/ difficulty, then I’ll join your train.

  16. This new raid is 4 people ad clear. That's a bad design.

  17. Witch Queen: post campaign Good: I liked getting 2 strikes, that should be standard. I also liked all the secrets after the campaign and the 2 lies one truth missions. wellspring was good when it first come out and match made. VOW was also a really good raid. Bad: Thrown world feels pretty dead and preservation was long.

  18. Legend should remove the "if solo requirement" and so should Master. With Master having a significantly increased drop rate.

  19. I do agree im not a fan of having to play solo. I read they were adding new ways to get exotics but seen nothing.

  20. Shouldnt be gauranteed every run but i also shouldn't be running 6 in a row to see nothing at all.

  21. I dont mind the difficulty changes on somethings however i do think they have made some very odd decisions around it. Legend NF this week getting one shot from the black smoke from the orbs/rings is stupid then getting some really crappy rewards it not good.

  22. How is 1-6 complicated in anyway. Counting to six really isnt hard.

  23. yea I hate the changes, getting one shot in a legend NF from the black smoke orbs is not fun its stupid.

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