1. Lets just say that you need a lot of hard work to get good marks, it isn't impossible but certainly not easy.

  2. If you have any other program plan that requires physics, then keep it. If not, and you know that you will only do computer science, then you can drop it.

  3. Parts of physics are extensive algebra, with emphasis on algebraic manipulation and expressions. Physics helps tune your math skills but has no direct correlation with Calculus. You may hear of Calculus Based Physics which is calculus just for physics, however, this is not something they teach in grade 12 (though it may be introduced in the last bits of the semester).

  4. You do well in physics by problem solving. Taking notes in physics class is bullshit, you have to use your brain and solve so many problems to the point where you can do one in your head without help.

  5. Did a quick google and found out that 105 is for international students and 101 is for Ontario students

  6. Take a spare and figure out how to use your time wisely, as in the future you will have breaks between programs to do your work.

  7. Admission averages according to sources from the internet for each university:

  8. ENG4U Online is a walk in the park if you manage your time wiseley, and I should say that's for any course.

  9. Lmfao you have the same courses as me except I'm inperson.

  10. When you try to solve a question, don’t just start answering it. Try to come up with a method, and as you do, pretend like you’re teaching a class or someone who knows nothing about the concept. Secondly, practice of course. That’s the basic studying skill for math, practicing. Personally, I redo textbook questions that I think would be on a test. Usually, on the textbook there’s boxes on the top corner of the questions, which either have communication, thinking, application, and knowledge. I practice all of those because I find some of those go on the tests. Lastly, watch YouTube videos. I like to watch the organic chemistry tutor and khan academy. If you understand the questions, pause the video and attempt it, and then play it and check your answers. I did all of these for advanced functions, and I got a grade I was happy with. Good luck!

  11. I vouch for this answer, but, I'd like to add on. Get the McGraw Hill Ryerson Advanced Functions Textbook. It is a life saver because it shows applications to the math as well and explains them pretty good. They also have mini unit quizzes and check-ins to help.

  12. I took ENG4U and got a high high 80's range mark while having the worst fever ever. So I definitely won't say its hard. You will have to:

  13. Practice and really understanding the concepts and how they work is what helped me do well in 12u Physics,

  14. Thanks, though I have to say I am a bit shy when it comes to participating :(

  15. Between now and Nov, you have time to research your options (visits, and website

  16. Not a good idea at all, gr 11 mixed is basically just grade 10 so it’s just a waste of your time

  17. A friend of mine got into CS Waterloo with just 6 courses so they had 2 spares, as long as you have really good supplementary stuff you’ll be fine, im pretty sure he had to explain why he had two spares, but other than that he wAs fine and got accepted

  18. Hey there, I want to tell you, Relax! Grade 11 is for knowledge (not worth the 1 am hassle), which means you should be more concerned about learning the content at your pace and understanding it while developing it through problem solving, so you should not be worried about grades. That being said, I suggest you get the textbook (Ik it sounds boring) but the nelson textbook is great at explaining some things your teacher doesn't explain in class, and at the end of each chapter, they list the key points and give you a little quiz which really helped me in Gr 11.

  19. From what my guidance counselor said if you have a valid reason for taking it over the summer ex all your courses during the school year were all filled up so you had no room for English then schools like UW don't mind and if anything they find it appaludable

  20. I did the same, but I have 2 free slots, will this be a problem?

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