1. I kinda liked the different personas. To be fair she is embracing the visions that come from investigating the deaths, which other zombies donโ€™t do. Also note it must be a problem if Filmore Graves develops brain paste so they donโ€™t have the visions.

  2. No for sure I love the different personas it's just that in the later episodes after she eats a brain she is like a crazy version of each persona 24/7 instead of in the earlier episodes she was still her but with bursts of the brain personality. She kinda goes back and forth between her and the brain she ate which I just enjoyed more I guess.

  3. The show got really annoying in the later seasons and ridiculous because of Livโ€™s personality changes. It might have been done to give Rose more acting opportunities but it doesnโ€™t make sense. And a lot of people complain on this sub that some of these personalities are way over the top and unrealistic. Most people complain about the LARP character but mine was the pre-school teacher. The man was a womanizer, slept with every mother, and I doubt he would have been that popular if he talked to the women like he talked to 4 year olds. But the show is still fun and redeems itself in the final season so keep watching. I just ignored Liv after a while.

  4. Okay just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me. It was fun when she was still herself and had some traits and didn't turn into a full on cartoon character version of every person she ate lol. I liked the Larp character but the preschool one and the old rich lady were both super annoying, yet could have been funny in just little bursts like the beginning.

  5. I have always wondered what this galleon thing I have seen on here is.

  6. Sort of - Nellie Lovett, Bellatrix's ancestor who eventually loses her magic and starts a meat pie shop underneath a barber on Fleet Street.

  7. I am very much looking forward to more Gabriel Luna, felt like we didnt get enough of him even though that's just because Tommy isn't as prominent in the first game. As for Joel, yeah I'm expecting maybe a bigger focus on flashbacks throughout the season so they can potentially hold more people just coming for Pedro. I honestly think there's definitely room to explore those flashbacks more anyway. Just so long as they're not constant.

  8. Holy shit I had no idea that was Gabriel Luna! Now I definitely want more of him.

  9. In order to throw a shoe you would have to lift up your foot to take it off and you would explode right away anyways?

  10. Ashley Johnson was the little sister in the 80s sitcom Growing Pains.

  11. I'm confused... did you just straight up make your own Fable game?

  12. Like just making a whole ass gorgeous game by yourself? Lol I didn't even know one could do that. I mean I guess I knew it was possible but damn. Wish I was that cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜†

  13. True! But then you realize this, and only this, is what our time in the House of Black and White was for...

  14. How? Do you think she learned all her ninja assassin moves before she got there? 90% of her time there was training to fight or take a beating or how to survive even if you are blind. The face swapping was only a small part of her time there. Plus she needed her time there to realize that she was definitely not nobody, she was a Stark and she had shit to do.

  15. On this occasion I'd like to bring a great quote from him:

  16. Was he the one that kept dreaming about Harry Potter too? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. That was Corey! Which took me a minute to remember, yet "unbelievable Harry Potter" came right back to me.

  18. Why are these posts filling up my timeline everywhere like I missed something? Am I stupid?

  19. I don't understand why this one bothers people so much, took me like an hour to just casually collect all of the ones needed for levels 1-3?

  20. Do you guys know anything about Mags game? I always wondered what hers was like, she certainly had a long life after.

  21. Does Supernatural count? Just got into it and this show is so good!

  22. Maddie was always a brat but just for arguments sake she was lied to by both her parents and was prevented from knowing her biological father for all those years. Then after she found out, Teddy still hated Deacon and wanted to keep them apart so I could see how she, being a teenager, would feel a certain way towards Teddy for quite a while.

  23. I had no idea that was him in Elf or Narnia! Then again I didn't really know him until GOT and it has been a long time since I have seen either of those.

  24. People like to say that โ€“ I heard it myself before watching the whole thing โ€“ but I personally never noticed a drop in quality. I kept waiting for it to go downhill... but IMO, we had just as many highs & just as many lows from 1-15. And the highs were just as high (or higher).

  25. Yeah and I try to form an opinion on my own since I tend to think differently than most. For example I am one of the very few that still loved the last couple seasons of GOT lol so I am sure I will still like it!

  26. Can't believe I found you, I loved the last season of GOT too, it seems it's just 2 of us ๐Ÿ˜„

  27. Haha there aren't many that's for sure, we are a small but active fan base ๐Ÿ˜

  28. Man it really was, I would do anything to have a good line up of current shows like that again. Although, I never did watch Dr Who.

  29. Ugh I am so done with this. I really don't know why but this year just has me so pissed every time it snows now. UGH.

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