1. Important beginner tips: You can speed up dialog by holding down B. You can run by holding down B

  2. haha bugs, critters and sea creatures. the first you catch always goes to the museum. don't gift villagers furniture or clothes you don't want them to wear/display at their home and huh honestly just have fun!

  3. Okay I'm confused, maybe I haven't unlocked it yet but Tom Nook wants my creatures and just keeps saying he wants to send them to his friend, do I do that?

  4. Discussion: I love these puzzles where you are stuck for so long and then you find that one single square that sets off a chain reaction lol so satisfying 😌

  5. Same! Which is sad because I love her in twilight (even tho she has very little screen time. She’s such a sweet character there!)

  6. OMG I was just watching Twilight last weekend and trying to figure out where I knew Esme from! Thanks for relieving that headache lol!

  7. Are there pets in Gilead? It seems like we never see cats and the only dogs we see are working for the Guardians.

  8. Wasn't Emily playing with a dog at one of the families she was assigned to?

  9. Bro went and wrote a six page essay for every post on this sub.

  10. They mean two different things. Thats like comparing "have a good winter" to "have a good December".

  11. The Magicians and Agents of Shield are two of my favorites that I always recommend. Agents of Shield will always be my number one show and I like a lot of the shows you listed!

  12. I think the only way I wouldn't find it creepy is if it was someone who she has known / been friends with for a while that has gotten used to seeing her as an adult through getting to know her personality. Then again at least in the show I found her personality to still be quite childish as well so idk.

  13. More episodes with multiple assistants. It was so fun when they all got together or had to work together.

  14. I dont have a preference but what is up with that pose in the brown dress? I just don't get modeling sometimes...

  15. Shereen. She truly was an innocent soul.

  16. So was Talisa's baby. That baby was technically the most innocent, also saving her would be two in one right?

  17. He mentioned it in one of his post-show interviews. After a rewatch I was trolling Youtube for content and found it.

  18. That's crazy, could you imagine being hired for Henry Gale and then one day all of a sudden you are Benjamin freaking Linus??

  19. Tywin on the throne with Tyrion as his hand (in a world where he actually respects and listens to him) with Robb as King in the north. I don't think the south has any business trying to rule the north, they are better off handling their own shit.

  20. I'm gonna say Betty White because even though it was technically 2021, I didn't find out about it until New Years Day and that has stuck with me all year long.

  21. He is the only doctor in a place where people end up severely needing a doctor like all the time yet he constantly thinks he is the only one who can run off and solve every other problem that other people can handle.

  22. They went on at great lengths about his pathological need to "fix" everything. So that tracks, as irritating as it was.

  23. Oh yeah, I never said it didn't make sense. Same with Michael and WAAAALLLT. It makes sense he would act like that, doesn't make it any less annoying.

  24. It’s gotta have something to do with ‘15.45’ rather than ‘15:45’ right? Like not quite 3:30? Or am I totally off?

  25. I would switch some around but overall I agree, glad to see someone else that has Juliet near the bottom!

  26. Haha well Jin and Sun are either 2 or 3 for me, mainly because I freaking love Jin. I would put Locke and Jack a bit lower, I know that is super unpopular but there were a few times where each of them just annoyed the crap out of me. Kate is my girl so she would be farther up and Claire too, mainly because I love that actress. Idk just trying to switch around your order is too hard I don't think I could definitively give an order as my feeling towards them change so much season to season! Side Note - Who the heck is Ilana?

  27. I hate winter but it is so worth it for the animals/bugs it keeps out and I have an excuse every year to hibernate for a month or however long I want.

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