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  1. not me googling lists of the most popular names to try them all lol

  2. Isn't that the main premise of the show though? Basically just random, shameless chaos.

  3. Question: what words go together? Like I assume onion rings do but do any of the others?

  4. Mickey and the wedding, them trying to find another gay couple to be friends with, and generally just their relationship is probably the only reason I watched until the end. They were fantastic 😂

  5. She becomes the bad guy only once and it lasts about 9 episodes. And that's not a popular arc but then it is back to normal

  6. Oh okay well that isn't too bad, it could have just been that I was binging too hard and got worn out lol. I just started the first episode and am remembering how good it was so I will probably stick with it :)

  7. That was the one penny got that had the animal in it right?

  8. Yeah, and then these two go to bring it to Sheldon's apartment right before the episode ends!

  9. This is why I am scared to rate dashers negatively, they all know where I live and I would be terrified if one came back one day lol.

  10. I almost puked at the first sentence and couldn't finish reading. Didn't really need to know anymore.

  11. I’m pretty sure a lot of that silliness came from the cast being allowed to improv. Watching bloopers definitely gives off the vibe that after the “script as written” scene was filmed that they took the time to fuck around and let the people on set just try new things until they found something funny.

  12. True, I did not think of that! But at the same time the scripts still had to be pretty ridiculous even as just a base.

  13. Is there legal parking outside the building where they can park for free? And is it clearly marked so they know they can park there? Maybe they’re worried about getting a ticket.

  14. Nah it's not that, it's a full parking lot with two spaces marked visitor parking. Must just be getting lazy ones back to back 🤷‍♀️

  15. I might know you. There is a person in an office I deliver to. The instructions say: to hand it to me: Call when you arrive. I have to meet you outside the main entrance.

  16. Good idea about asking the driver but no that wasn't me, pretty sure I've never said to call and we dont have suites. It's a small office, one floor.

  17. That is true, I apologize, should have directed the questions toward Americans.

  18. Nope. Heard of it though, the 3rd season just dropped on Netflix right?

  19. Yepp, I just started, you have to get through the first few episodes which are kind of character/story building and pay attention. After a few it got to the point where I couldn't stop watching.

  20. I just watched the trailer and it looks right up my alley haha

  21. Hope you like it! Took me a couple tries (like AC) but totally worth it!! I will also recommend The Magicians. Super quirky, fun show that keeps you interested!!

  22. Ignoring the rest of the post because it doesn't really apply to me but FINALLY someone else who appreciates the magic of the quesalupa! Taco Bell will never be as good to me as it was when they had that.

  23. Side note, anyone else really miss the old nomination ceremony? Turning two keys to put faces on the wall just isn't the same.

  24. They passed around a circular thing that resembles the thing that holds the jury's votes for the winner. Someone would remove a key, reveal who was safe, pass it to that person, and then keep going from there.

  25. Oh that sounds a lot better! I gotta get around to watching some of those older seasons.

  26. Also - Hurley (Anton the giant), Greta (Regina), Phil (Issac the author), Charles Whidmore ( King George) and Sayid was Jafar in the spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

  27. There were also smaller characters, Bo Peep was Juliets older sister, Captain Nemo was the guy who killed Nadia, and the young prince Leopold was the guy who played Radzinsky.

  28. Agents of shield (get through the first half of S1, it seems like a "case of the week show" until they find their footing and it gets all tied in together from there on. One of the best shows ever.

  29. This is how I feel about pretty much all newer sitcoms. There is just something about the older ones that make them feel more real.

  30. I love her, people are just too sensitive these days to appreciate her 😄

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