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  1. Thank you. I worry about my doc due to his misdiagnosing and the side effects and reproductions that antibiotics do but I won’t just ignore that option entirely

  2. For the record, I had a friend die of an untreated UTI. They were younger than I, 34 at the time. The infection spread to his kidneys, then liver, and he died of multiple organ failure. No one knew he was dealing with it before he was hospitalized. He died a couple days later after going to the hospital.

  3. That is horrible. It is shocking how fast it can progress. I once got a UTI on the airplane from US to Korea that was nonexistent when I boarded, and by 6 hours in I had to have them call the airport hospital from the airplane and figure out emergency treatment- I was in agony and peeing pure blood. I got direct escorted off the plane directly to the hospital. It was terrifying.

  4. Go to a doctor- they will do a urine test to confirm; unlikely to misdiagnose. A kidney infection can go from painful to bleeding/life threatening quickly. Could also be gallbladder which can also be a medical emergency. They won't give you antibiotics if there are not signs of infection in your urine. Take it seriously; I've had emergency situations with both of these and three bags of morphine doesn't even relieve the pain.

  5. I believe these are coated seeds which is why they look different

  6. I agree; a lot of companies sell them because they are easier to seed with a machine. But there is no way to know what they are.

  7. Has this ever happened to you after consuming any other type of fat? Could also be a gallbladder attack...

  8. Hello all. Newbie here. I have made a few harvests off my first two GT grow bags. I got interested in micro dosing after dealing with depression on and off and really being in a rut the last year. I’ve done LSD a few times and had a really great time long ago. I’ve had a few MD’s so far and can see a positive uptick in my mood. I plan on doing 1.2 grams dried next week but am pretty nervous about it. Actually really fucking nervous. Will be alone except for my dogs. Really expecting life changing but who know….

  9. Might not want to do that alone without a non-partaking friend around, especially if you are starting off paranoid...

  10. YTA. You sound like an entitled brat. Your professors have lives and families too and are not just here to serve you 24/7.

  11. They don't owe you anything. I've met plenty of adults and teachers that did not deserve respect. Trust and respect are ALWAYS earned by standing for your students, keeping them safe, loving them and operating with integrity. If you go into teaching thinking kids are going to give you their just because you are an adult and beating them over the head with your expectations and interpretations of "morality," you are going to be profoundly disappointed.

  12. I'm dying. Tuesday I thought it was the flu. Allegra-D all the way.

  13. Best grinder around $100 USD for a Clever Dripper and Light Roast Coffee?

  14. So I bought the Caprezzo burr grinder for around $100 and it was instant regret. Lots of fines and grounds everywhere. Listen to the peeps on here and either go with a nice hand grinder which is more bang for your buck, or spend the extra $60 on the Barazza Encore. I just gave up on the Caprezzo and got the Encore and the quality difference is night and day with the light beans. And bonus it doesn't leak grinds everywhere or have them get stuck in the grinder channel.

  15. Run, don't walk away from this person OP. You do not want to marry someone this selfish and controlling.

  16. Agree w all of this. Also, cannabis. It may need large amounts and add extra CBD.

  17. This. My dad had terminal cancer and cannabis was the only thing that seemed to help.

  18. You only go into the sauna (and maybe a pool) naked. Most of the time when you walk around or go to the bar or take a nap, you are covered in a towel or a bathrobe. But going into the sauna naked is pretty standard in Germany. I don't care (as do many people), but there are GErmans as well that don't like it. It's totally ok to not want to go there. I can assure you that the situation is not sexual at all, so I would recommend you give it a shot. But if you don't want to, she has to respect that.

  19. This. Most of the nude people will be grandmas and grandpas. Its not sexy and really normalizes nakedness because nobody there has a perfect body. You will probably get used to it pretty fast, and it is incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. There is even usually a nap room at the end!

  20. Ya the weight loss and the high fat can both trigger it. But you will feel 1000x better when they remove it. Recovery is not bad at all. You can still do keto again but maybe not at first; takes a while for your body to readjust and fat will upset your stomach for a while.

  21. I’m confused a bit. So keto and weight loss can possibly cause your gallbladder to be removed?

  22. Yes. Weight loss can trigger gallstones especially in women in their 30-40s (what happened to me). High fat foods trigger severe reactions in people with gallbladder disease (movie popcorn put me in the ER for emergency surgery). It can also be a life threatening condition if a stone migrates to the duct. So keto is probably not an ideal way to lose weight/maintain nutrition for those with gallbladder disease. The pain can be so bad that it is torture- it took three bags of morphine to even touch mine. At first it felt like back pain but kept getting worse/was misdiagnosed until it became an emergency. After gallbladdder is removed, high fat meals often cause diarrhea and it is more difficult to absorb fat soluble vitamins (but gets better and I was delighted to have it out by the end of it- it was so painful I was screaming in the ER).

  23. Is this just trolling? How in the world could you not be the asshole in this situation? YTA x infinity Its one time a week at 8pm. Be a human being.

  24. A major headache that is not relieved by pain medication can be a serious thing. It would be good to see a doctor if you can or call a nursing line.

  25. Go to the hospital. Not to scare you but my dad had the worst headache of his life and it was an orange-sized tumor in his brain and nearly killed him. Doctor said an hour later and he wouldn't have made it. Get it checked out just in case- hope you feel better.

  26. Subscription options are going to be somewhat expensive, but they are a good option if: you want fresh coffee every 2-4 weeks and you want to try variety of options without looking every few weeks. I've had good experience with Trade and Atlas. If he likes Lavazza, he probably would like medium to darker roasts.

  27. I have really enjoyed the Corvus subscription, or there is the Driftaway subscription which is really fun and a bit more affordable with the blind tasting.

  28. If its early, you can try cranberry juice and plenty of water to flush it out, but I'd go get the antibiotics asap if I were you. That can go from nothing to a horrific bleeding excruciating kidney infection in hours. I nearly died of one that started on an airplane and became an emergency before we landed...

  29. I ended up with much more mold than the normal h2o soak. I am not sure the trays can be saved. I think it might not work. Spraying small patches of mold with peroxide seems to work much better.

  30. My sunflowers. They didn't germinate any faster and they molded while still in blackout when I did the 15 min peroxide soak. I got far less mold with no peroxide soak and a faster germination with normal 8 hr water soak.

  31. YTA. There's just nothing about this post that communicates "I love my partner; I care about their needs and perspectives; I am as open and willing to be flexible and caring about their family traditions as they are of my own." OP is coming off as selfish, righteous and rigid. You don't have to celebrate your partner's traditions, but a relationship is not all about you and your needs. My mom committed suicide and I got the call while I was hanging Christmas decorations, and I bloody hate Christmas. But I still make space for it and willfully generate a positive and caring attitude for all the stupid songs (in my opinion) and traditions because I love my husband and care deeply about what matters to him.

  32. You are probably soon going to want some smaller trays with holes to put in the 10x20s by seed type bc what will happen is one will grow faster than the other, you will cut it, and the cut organic will start to grow mold before you can harvest the other batch.

  33. I don't think so because once you get the second set of leaves they will often get bitter (and the longer you leave them the more chances you may get mold).

  34. I had the same problem and solved it by grinding much finer, cutting my bloom time shorter and doing a Hoffman double pour. But I am not an expert...I just have a grinder that produces more fines than I would like and this seemed to help.

  35. Am I correct in thinking that a cafe Americano should never be premade?

  36. This is an Ecuador thing. Most of the coffee they drink is either freeze dried (with copious milk/sugar) or boiled into a syrup which they rehydrate. Have the fresh juices instead. ;-)

  37. For plant oils another herbalist gave me the tip to use dish soap and give your skin a really abrasive lengthy scrub - it is apparently the scrubbing action that best removes oils like poison ivy. I have a severe allergy to poison ivy and this has worked well for me- should work for hemlock too and monitor situation.

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