1. It's just one mod doing it in waves, you can try applying again and make sure you apply for SK along with SK: Start Here

  2. I'm 32, and I’m from Azerbaijan. I know a lot about Marylin and discovered her in very early childhood. This is considering that my country was part of the USSR for 70 years.

  3. Carrie is not ideal, of course, but she would be boring if so. Imagine her being kind and good, like a Disney princess. Would you watch this tv show? I guess not.

  4. Just as I thought classics are in the minority

  5. I think many people believe that being classic is boring and try to convince themselves that they belong to some other type. But it's just a hypothesis.

  6. Maybe he had an aquarium in his bar.

  7. I don't know if it was the casting or the writing or WHAT but Skipper annoys me to the ends of the earth and back, he's the worst and I hate watching scenes with him when I rewatch.

  8. He even wasn't that good, as he left his girlfriend during sex. Imagine if someone did it to one of the girls (leading personages).

  9. He was soo boring. I usually skip scenes with Skipper.

  10. I come back to this comment every time. It made my day 🤣🤣

  11. He was a “good on paper” guy, meaning he checked all the right boxes but there was no chemistry, plus she ran into Big and Natasha that night. They didn’t end up dating so no reason to see him again.

  12. I think no male character disappears in this way in the entire series. When Carrie doesn't want to date, they somehow show it, as happened with a Yankee player in the first season.

  13. I remember your post. I think it depends honestly. I think about my ID and my accommodations every day. However for some occasions, I recognize that being a Dramatic/dressing for vertical is not going to be feasible or even the most important thing.

  14. I don't think it's horrible, but also not prefect. You can see it on me

  15. You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I really like it on you. Perhaps a style like

  16. Yes, it would work for me exactly. Unluckily it's hard to find this kind of dress.

  17. To be sincere, it’s what I noticed also, but at the same time, I’m one of the users who sometimes share sarcastic comments about Carrie.

  18. Her speech with Berger’s friends after he left her.

  19. Omg and screaming from a few drops of rain like it’s physically killing her

  20. Carrie is always shown as the most important friend of each of the girls.

  21. I think this is perfect for an 80's Christmas party! Sure it has a modern flair but it's 2022 not 1985, I think the modern flair is necessary. Other commenters gave great accessorizing and hair advice but just want to chime in and say I think the dress is perfect and your friends are wrong.

  22. What about shoes 👠? Just can’t remember 80’s party shoes styles!

  23. In AJLT, we could see secondary personages independently, which never happened in SATC. I think this detail made AJLT looks more like random tv series.

  24. Yes. I discovered he was marrying another woman while continuing to keep in touch with me (of course, he didn't tell me about it).

  25. It’s not always necessary to know exactly if relations have a future. I enjoy my relationship that lasts more than a year, and I don't even think about what will happen in five years. It’s impossible to predict. Someone can accept you seriously and then change their behavior completely. I tell this as a person that was once married and once engaged.

  26. The third outfit is perfect! You look amazing 😃

  27. I think it varies depending on the country or region. In my country, there are more romantics, soft naturals, gamins, and dramatic classics—mostly petite and soft types. Here you can rarely meet pure dramatic or flamboyant natural.

  28. In my experience, DCs don't always need to accommodate vertical, at least not the way the vertical types do. Like, you can accomodate it if you like the look better but you don't absolutely need it. Also, it can be accommodated through monochromes and not necessarily cuts.

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