1. It’s a joke bro! The AUG is a cheat code, I don’t think it’s been nerfed. Here’s what will happen next!! The devs will buff the M4 or nerf the life out of the Aug and break it. 😂

  2. Take the door off, it won’t look that bad.

  3. They are money grabbing cunts mate. They will do the same with Groza next.

  4. I think at this point I’m a ranting raving lunatic on this problem, I think I’ve had this as early back as it could go ( hint ; you’ll figure out who I am on twitter just by checking their page out, I’m on most of the tweets talking about this issue ) the most i have heard is that it’s been moved from open to in investigation, it’s taken them roughly 2 months and they haven’t fixed it, I haven’t seen them even address the bug despite a lot of people have issues, I sent them another email and it’ll be my last, i am tired of waiting, re4 came out yesterday so I’m asking these dudes for a refund. My next option is to contact Xbox or use these guys who protect Aussie consumer rights ( accc) are they just unable to fix it and don’t want to say anything? Just an answer would be great :(

  5. They won’t be able to fix it mate. I eventually completed the game even though it wasn’t saving! I never quit my game and used xbox quick resume and I was lucky it never crashed. I won’t be playing it again, that’s for sure.

  6. Cam can earn all the money in the world but he will always be an ugly cunt.

  7. That’s pubg for ya!!!! Players crying out for the devs to fix desync and many other problems but they decide to fix something that’s not broken and create more problems.😂 I’d love to know what they are smoking

  8. I can’t believe you 3rd partied them. You should have have left them to fight 🤣

  9. The DE is an absolute joke. The PS2 version is the best in every department and I might buy one just to play it again. I started playing the Xbox360 version on my series x which is a mobile port and gets bad reviews but I can honestly say, it’s better than the DE. What I hate most about the DE is that you don’t get that 90s LA feel and the sky colour kills the atmosphere.

  10. Looks like they tried to top themselves 😂

  11. So, because he wants a quiet life and no drama, people say he’s boring. He’s an intelligent man who plays golf, wins and gets off home.

  12. As tduff said, good coms is very important.

  13. Might need a new hdmi port. Try everything that people are saying in here and if nothing works, take it into a local computer repair shop. Might cost you £40.

  14. Try diving in the water 20 yards east of where you are. (In between rocks)

  15. There’s a few of the trench coats in the survivor crate. They are hard to get though.

  16. I don’t know why people stress themselves out for a platinum trophy. This trophy that you get nothing for, has spoilt the game for you.

  17. It's a grind and in most games really fun imo, even if it is challenging. Also, you really get to know the game and his mechanics on a different level and often discover things you wouldn't have found out about without going for the plat. My problem here is just that the design for those trophies is very poorly made and just extremely boring. Also, if you have done nearly every trophy it wouldnt feel right to stop at those only because they annoy you

  18. I get what you’re saying mate. 👍🏻

  19. So they closed my case, without responding and labeled it as "fixed" when it clearly isn't. What a great company!

  20. That’s a joke mate. It doesn’t surprise me.

  21. Sent them an email again lying to them that I had bought the '94 USA Denim kit when it was in the game back in November and I didn't get the game until January, so hopefully I can atleast get this kit.

  22. Ha ha ha. GoodLuck mate. Let me know if you get it. 👍🏻

  23. Nah. When you are outside of hogwarts in the open world there are butterflies you find, you follow them to treasure. I don't recall exactly how many there are, 13? 14? Something like that. They generally don't show on the map/ hud until you are close to them and some you have to be really close to before they appear.

  24. I hope you find your last piece. I know prior to recent updates there was a bug with some butterflies spawning. There are guides out there with the locations of them all, perhaps you have already seen them and because of the bug they never spawned again after you left? The updates should have fixed that. I'm not sure, but there's not that many locations so shouldn't take long if you are following a guide. When I was butterfly hunting I was on my broom making a grid of each zone! After a few hours of that I was about ready to give up and out of nowhere there it was!! Ha. Good luck anyways!

  25. I’ve just found it. Thanks for the advice. I followed a guide on YT and there it was east of Central Hogwarts Valley. 👍🏻

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