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  1. Yeah, my omi her 13 brothers and sisters and parents sure didn't experience it. 2 made it out of the other side. I went to Dachau with her brother Rolph, he showed me where they "lived". Don't fucking tell me that it's fake.

  2. I wish he lived in Germany. They would arrest him or he would have faced a huge fine.

  3. The fact that Alex Jones doesn’t even agree with him 😂😂. He can’t even take his mask off to show his face. Loser

  4. But can they release themselves after they are admitted?

  5. Hello OP, could you link a source please for approval? thank you

  6. Yes, they got it from UN and put it together by top counties

  7. This is so painful to see. At the same time history repeats itself in Ukraine

  8. Moronic racist. How can someone be so dumb that they don’t realize they’re a racist?

  9. The amount even in my friends group that says you can’t be racist to white people is insane.

  10. That subreddit is stupid. I don’t know who runs it. I posted a Tweet of black woman being racist, praising Hitler and calling Ukrainian genocide and Holocaust bullshit. They removed the tweet and said it’s not racist.

  11. She is not stable. She blocked everyone who told her she is wrong and kept the comments praising her. This person is just mentally ill

  12. Good. They need to do something about mental illness

  13. This is not interesting, this is just karma whoring with a political topic. Ukrainian people who are suffering couldn‘t give less shits about posts like these, everybody is constantly made aware already in every form of media.

  14. This is history. And this photo will be in history books. If you so concerned about Ukrainian people go donate instead of being an internet warrior.

  15. No one will ever believe Russian scum. Regardless what you claim. War is real

  16. Why no one talks about Marc Fogel and what he will face? She broke the law and new Russia is a dictatorship country. Good luck to her

  17. She won Americas Worst Cooks too. Everyone loved her. Meanwhile she tortured this little girl to death because she was white.

  18. There are so many details about this case. The foster care workers absolutely failed those adopted kids. They never learned from Gabriel Fernandez. She was lying about abuse. The reports showed after that the kids were abused. She made tweets about white privilege which could be a factor why she hated that little girl.

  19. So, she basically adopted a white kid so she could abuse her. Absolutely disgusting!

  20. She adopted 3 white children. Two boys and the girl. She took the girl to church and then beat her to death with the belt. And this POS was a teacher.

  21. Race white. You can be any ethnicity. Race and ethnicity are two different things

  22. J. Fritzl was arrested on suspicion of rape, false imprisonment, manslaughter by negligence, and incest. In March 2009, he pleaded guilty to all counts and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

  23. Look what happened in Japan. These bastards are free and out on the streets.

  24. If it makes anyone feel better their lives in prison aren't all sunshines and rainbows, there a videos of them getting a bit of what they gave the child the boyfriend gets water in his face then beaten by 5 guys and the mom is kept in solitary because she is attacked anywhere she goes in general public

  25. It makes me feel better. They deserve everything they did to this poor boy. I watched the documentary and it’s horrible. The boyfriend was sentenced to death.

  26. Nobody cared about white child that I posted about yesterday. She was beaten to death by her adoptive mother. And all the white adopted kids were abused for months. It’s American foster care system that failed all these kids.

  27. I don’t why you keep commenting that under every person. There are multiple tweets. She compared their children experiences with white privilege. So it could be that she disliked those children because of white privilege. This woman should’ve never adopted those kids for social media where she claimed how diverse and happy her family was.

  28. Just the fact they did her hair with a classic Black hairstyle makes me think they wanted to make her Black. I wonder how much that contributed to the abuse, perhaps upset that she was still White? Idk, it's just so fucked up, so glad to see they got real jail time .

  29. The details what they did to this child is horrifying. I don’t want to even share them. What is more insane that she was posting those kids on social media pretending that they are equal, diverse and happy family.

  30. Reddit has some weird people. What does her pussy has to do with anything? They fell in love and still together.

  31. Born in 1949 into a poor weaver family of Odisha, Dhenkanal who were considered untouchables, PK was a gifted artist. However, the family didn’t have enough money to finance his education. He would often find himself at the receiving end of insult due to the dreaded caste system. Later In 1971, he joined College of Art in New Delhi and gained popularity for making portraits.

  32. How much extra tax revenue could we have gotten instead of 1400 “affordable” units? How many currently uninhabitable public housing units could we renovate with that tax money?

  33. Some of those affordable units are not affordable. Like in Williamsburg they want you to make 80 to 100k and pay 2k a month. That’s not affordable for low income

  34. Your post was removed because of Rule #14: No screenshots of articles/videos.

  35. You have screenshots of news articles in this subreddit. This poor child didn’t even get appropriate media coverage.

  36. This has happened the other way around. Look up the Hart Family murders.

  37. He is right. No major news covered it. The details of this case are terrifying. She was a teacher, beating that poor child with the belt and her husband took some part of it. She had tweets comparing black boys and white boys privileges. Like why adopt those white children? To show it on social media?

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