1. There is always going to be a scientist that pushes the line of whats socially acceptable. Even on the Citadel.

  2. The Protheans aren’t dead, they migrated to another galaxy as a result of a secret operation which constructed an Ark ship similar to current cycle arks and they are now somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy.

  3. Thessian society is structured as many independent nation-states. There's no ruling government exactly, but a large alliance between said states. Theoretically, given how the Maiden stage is defined as restlessly wandering to seek interesting things and new knowledge, we can assume it was this way in a cultural sense to prevent the Ardat Yakshi gene from occurring frequently.

  4. Are we operating under the assumption that the Citadel is the main hub of activity for the Reapers, and that all other extra-galactic Reapers are still communicating in unison via QEC?

  5. You guys really don't like the idea of taking a future past MEA, back in the original setting, and Liara relevant despite most of the cast being new characters, even though that seems like an excellent way to bridge the old with the new.

  6. She grew wrinkles because she's depressed? Do you think that's the tone of the trailer? Okay, then...

  7. Ok, NOW you're reaching. When did I even type the word "depressed" in any of my posts??

  8. Shepard should be dead. Their impact on the Galaxy however, that should have long-lasting effects.

  9. Make sure to take breaks to drink some water, maybe get a snack or even a meal. The Codex is Narrated so you can listen to the entries while you relax and get to keep learning about the vast and varied faces of the Milky Way.

  10. I'd probably be an elcor since I'm not a very emotional person. I'm very dry and direct with responses so I can come off as rude to anyone who doesn't know me. So stating how I feel being second nature would be handy. But if I could choose I'd go Drell because I love reptiles.

  11. I look Krogan, but I have a Salarian brain. Are crossovers possible?

  12. There's a mellow and tender-hearted Krogan in Andromeda who was taunted by his Father for being "A Salarian in a Krogan's body" all due to how he behaved and carried himself. He just laughed and smiled, "Jokes on him; I actually like Salarians."

  13. A Kingdom Hearts game where the numerous worlds are based off of Disney Channel Tv shows would be phenomenal.

  14. I don't think Leviathan can conquer the galaxy, they don't have enough people

  15. Their enthrallment is more potent and less destructive than Reaper Indoctrination. Same premise of sleeper agents taking out threats and controlling the population of the now divided galaxy. The Leviathan may be few, but they also see lesser lives as tools, similar to the Thorian's view of fleshy organics.

  16. Tali Zorah has my heart, for many reasons; She is flawed and imperfect, makes mistakes, has regrets and moments of despair, while also being a social butterfly. Tali does the best she can at all times, and that pressure weighs on her.

  17. The Mass Relays and all connected technology is considered the most advanced in the galaxy. Think of it alin to the industrial Revolution. The EFFECT of this Mass altering technology rapidly advances most species with the power to do what was previously impossible.

  18. Shawshank redemption with a Batarian as the main role of Andy. Red can be a Turian, possibly even an Asari?

  19. Ken, that poor Quarian kid selling stuff out of omega on his pilgrimage.

  20. We never meet them, but my heart goes out to Jonah. That orphan lost both Parents to Geth. First from mom doing illegal AI research under Rael Zorah, then Dad dies on the homeworld in front of Shepard.

  21. The asari officer who dared to keep Samara before Shepard solved the murder on illium.

  22. Hell, the fact that she works in Law Enforcement on such a White Collar Crime dense world is pretty admirable. Assassinations are commonplace enough on Illium to have paperwork for a quick cause of death to be written off and ignored.

  23. I don't think asari use implants to control their biotics. Biotic powers were inherent to asari through evolution, humanity just "oops!"ed their way into it.

  24. Asari still use Biotic amps. They can naturally use their biotics without it, but an amp would boost their level of control without lengthy endurance training.

  25. They aren't based solidly on any one particular people, though the Roma have certainly influenced the Migrant Fleet. As for their accents, it makes sense for them to maintain accents native to the ship they were raised on, as when the Geth forced the Quarians out, only 1% of the population survived.

  26. Rael Zorah confuses me though. He's the only Quarian in the entire franchise who sounds Welsh. There's one other outlier I can remember, the Quarian on the Citadel being accused of stealing a chit, she has an American accent. Everyone else though, they sound eastern European.

  27. I believe the galactic translators may have the in universe reason for their accents. Ultimately, they're all aliens speaking their native tongue, and our implants are translating in real time for us.

  28. It changed hands several times during development, were working on an in-house engine, was developed by the team responsible for ME3's multiplayer, and it was riddled with bug on top of it.

  29. The decisions in the game were what bugged me the most. In the other games your decisions carry forward but there is at least some impactful decisions made in the game. Whether it’s possible to save Wrex is decided before you get the chance to realize it, and the first time I played ME I assumed you could save Ash and Kaiden and you were just picking who you saved first. These were decent decisions in addition to the other ones that play forward more evidently like the council or the fleet, etc.

  30. I don't disagree with you in that regard. Theres no immediate impact in how your actions impact the cluster, at most a bit of side dialog or some emails to Ryder.

  31. I feel like he's trying to sell us a minivan 😭 to take all of our kids to soccer practice. He just needs to tell us how the floors are 'spill-proof' and easy to clean, and it would be like real life car shopping.

  32. Shepard smirking and leaning forward, "Got something durable enough for a hormonal Krogan? He's quite fond of tantrums this week."

  33. KH2 stans thinking a literal big thick blue stick is the coolest thing ever ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. Hey man, I love my wizard staff. Big blue star is where its at.

  35. I believe there's a handful of ways to do this. One of which is simply not recruiting Wrex until after Virmire. Others require his personal quest to be completed, as well as passing a speech check for paragon/renegade options

  36. When her in-game model freezes in an upright posture, with (typically) both hands straight out to either side, angled down so it forms an 'A'

  37. I know what an a pose is, but vetra getting locked into an a pose, and hovering as well? How the hell does that even happen?

  38. I just play the game man. I was in the nomad, popped out to fight some enemies, and saw Vetra in an A-pose, rifle in hand, pointed to the side. She continued to move around as of she was walking, and bullets fired from the end of her rifle at a 90° angle.

  39. Writing off an entire species based on what might happen is wrong. The "examples" we see of Krogan wanting revenge are too few to write off the entire race. Obviously having wrex and Eve stabilizing the race helps but if you honestly believe Wrex would change his mind about the Krogan and turn into a war monger then you shouldn't even let him on your ship. Wrex killed his own father for trying to rally the Krogan behind revenge. Not to mention Eve being able to rally the female Krogan to her side.

  40. You are 100% correct. The experiences and effects of the genophage are not at all universal for every Krogan, as the men and women experience radically different consequences. Yeah a man might be miffed that he can't sire a child, but the bond between mother and child is strong.

  41. How can we theorize about something we know nothing about?

  42. Context out of the scraps we've been given. That crater promo-image? Looks like a geth.

  43. With the Hegemony gone, I imagine I'd see some batarian (b)pussy?

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