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  1. Well. Shit. This is why I should keep 10$ in my cash app 😭

  2. And this is why you should floss and brush, and see a dentist for cleans. This is my nightmare! I am so scared of my teeth falling out. How do you not feel it??

  3. I absolutely did 😅 it had a cap on it, but with having a child and my husband getting hurt real bad at work it took a back seat 😩

  4. Never mind the scam, I’m curious about the 68 fucking web pages. 😂

  5. I've heard about fresh water fairy shrimps, so I wonder if they can live in my fresh water tank

  6. I have some fairy shrimp that are freshwater Amazon has them for like 10$ it’s green water farms brand 🥰

  7. I really want the winter one but can’t find it 😅😂

  8. Omg than you so much! Decided to go with the fall one 😅

  9. I personally wouldn’t use it. Better safe over sorry.

  10. If you want to harvest eggs, use a clean bottom tank with a small dish of sand for them to lay eggs in

  11. My best tips are, start them in the tank you want them in and have a heater

  12. My landlord is my husband so he got an extra tip today

  13. Ahhh yes very good point, this was more of uh just “ahh shucks not again” when I saw it haha

  14. Also, I have my cash app linked so nothing “accidentally” happens and sometimes in my excitement I forget to use my other debit card 😅

  15. Not gonna lie, I thought it was bamboo, and under special conditions it grew fruit inside 😂

  16. Ask the 3 year old what to name him 😅 my son name our girl Egg 🤷‍♀️ and it’s just stuck. He overheard me telling my husband it’s a girl see the egg spot. 😂

  17. Also my son was 2 at the time 😂 he will be 3 in 2 days

  18. Did he also choose your Reddit user name? 🤓

  19. People give me strange looks when I stand close to the shelves and look at shit 😂 I just say “Sorry I can’t see well” and the look so horrified after

  20. Mine was just doing this. Strange. Sorry idk

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