1. Vanity, they get attention without the process of pregnancy. Hilaria Baldwin is known for bouncing back super fast and looking great after a ton of kids. She could just have a skinny build and be athletic but nope, she’s apparently faking miscarriages and wearing fake bumps with bikinis?

  2. It's all so weird. While we should never expect or put pressure on women to "bounce back" I have 2 friends who've had babies and went back to their original size withing few weeks. One was literally a week and these are women aren't rich and don't have trainers etc.

  3. Eddie Murphy (or some other black celebrity, sometimes it’s Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson) steps onto an elevator after an older white lady gets on. They yell “hit the floor, lady!” in a deep voice and she dives to the floor instead of hitting the floor button. The black celeb and his bodyguards break out in laughter at the old lady’s confusion and she leaves embarrassed. She then gets a bouquet of roses and a hundred dollar bill left in her room.

  4. In the version I heard he has 2 dogs and yells "lay down" to the dogs and the woman does too.

  5. Right. And the fbi investigating? Do people think Angelina just called them up and said hey, investigate this?

  6. I didn't even know the FBI were the ones to investigate. People are glazing over that fact. When his kids are all grown and still don't mess with him he'll act so lost and surprised.

  7. I think because it happened on a plane in US airspace. That makes it federal.

  8. That makes sense a lot of sense. They probably passed state lines too now that you mention it

  9. I'm sorry... Men constantly abuse women irl and online, belittle and "not all men" our experiences, and this is one of the only spaces where people are free to be honest about men and how much pain we have endured at the hands of them. If this single thread is the reason you can't turn your friend away from Depp, it really sounds like both of y'all have bigger things you should be worrying about.

  10. We don't need a safe space to belittle abuse by anyone. That shouldn't be the goal and your wording let me know that you know it's wrong either way.

  11. Please show me what wording you are talking about. What I am trying to say is that I am very tired of women like you policing how others are trying to honestly speak about how dangerous men can be and how much pain they cause. Women are being abused and killed for existing as we speak, and you are this messed up over a woman slapping a man who cheated on her while she was home with their baby. I hope you hold this energy every time a man makes headlines like this.

  12. Ma'am this is a gossip sub. You don't know what a feel about women being abused in real life or the support I've given abuse victims. Your whole paragraph is made up assumptions about me because I said this sub has a bias. " this is one of the only spaces where people are free to be honest about men and how much pain we have endured at the hands of them." that's not what this thread is talking about though. No one is diminishing women who are abused, only male victims.

  13. I've heard it plenty of times, especially the way it's used by these artists and most of the Black people I'm friends with and have discussed it feel the same. If you listen to hip hop it's used a lot.

  14. I literally only hear about it in music. None of my family or friend use it and I don't hear it in TV or movies. It's ableist don't see why everyone's acting like it's ok. The controversy is overblown though. It should have been a that they asked them to not use it and not vilified the artist who didn't know.

  15. No one is excusing ableism just pointing out that expecting people to recognize a word that's only used in the UK as a slur as such is the exact ethnocentrism Europeans decry Americans over.

  16. I think they could have handled it better. The artists seemed to remove it right away but once it got online things blew up. Lots of people took it as a gotcha moment when the main people involved would have just adjusted and moved on.

  17. I'm so proud of her. To think that she went from YouTube to buzz feed to a hit TV show. She's amazing!

  18. Honestly, this might be an unpopular opinion but as I get older I’ve started to think that children under a certain age should not be in the industry at all. We don’t let twelve year olds work at McDonald’s. Why would we let them work in television? I don’t care if it ruins our favorite TV shows or movies. Children should not be working; it is inherently exploitative. At the very least, there should be subjects or scenes that children should not be allowed to be involved in. I’ve just started re-watching Law and Order and the amount of very young children who have to act out rape or sexual molestation is sickening. Even if it’s not “real”., I cant imagine the level of trauma a child has even learning about those concepts at that age.

  19. I agree with this, it's not necessary to have real children anymore. I don't know why the industry allowed parents to have no oversight for so long. The system should have been that if you're a child star you automatically get a lawyer, social workers and a trust. At this point they need to just leave these kids alone.

  20. Jojo Siwa’s mom has been bleaching Jojo’s hair since she was a toddler because she thought she’d be less likely to be picked for stardom if she had brown hair

  21. It's wild to me that someone would bleach a child's hair and that jojo probably doesn't know what she looks like with her natural hair color.

  22. Same. Even with famous kids like Skai Jackson, Zendaya, Keke Palmer, etc, their parents seem more like shields against the BS than BS facilitators.

  23. I saw an clip where Keke Palmer said that her mother was always with her. I think some parents just drop their kids off and hope for the best.

  24. I mean, he filed for this back in October 2021, so I'd argue it's slow. Is it that hard to decide where their legal residence is?

  25. Every Ezra Miller headline is more confusing than the last. I hope they're OK.

  26. Why is this coming out now, did they just go to court or something?

  27. Where? All i saw was that they got court documents but it didn't say when they went to court.

  28. I think it's a lot of pressure for anyone to be compared to Beyonce and it brings a lot of bad attention.

  29. I guess because Tyra and the antm team were talking directly about looks - making young girls change their look entirely and making them feel unattractive

  30. They knew that their primary audience was young girls too. I remember watching that show as a child and thinking the women were all such adults only to find it they were like 19.

  31. I don't understand why it's easier to believe that someone would only do a pr relationship with someone they love.

  32. I don't get the hype around Harry styles and Olivia wilde's PR fake relationship. It doesn't benefit Olivia at all as she is the prime target of stan bullying everyday. It does not even bring good pr to the movie. It would have gotten enough attention just from the fact that Harry styles got his big acting break and the movie has mature romance scenes with him. That would be enough to attract those parasocial weirdos... All this has done is pit Wilde against Florence Pugh over some non existent drama and made women hate women more. Harry styles is no perfect prince charming. Stop thinking he will date you. The Stans have gotten progressively worse as the deuxmoi and other gossip hate accounts keep piling on the "behind the scenes Florence is directing" drama. I'm 100% convinced that their relationship is not fake. Because. It's. Just. Not. Worth. It. (And yes I am writing this because I accidentally made the mistake of browsing twitter today.)

  33. I think it's pr but people get so defensive of you say that because they think you're a Larry. I'm not and never have been, didn't listen to one direction either but I've heard Harry's music recently. The movie wouldn't have got a lot of attention, it's not getting attention now outside of the drama. Where's the press team or paid articles that don't mention drama? You'd think someone would buy some articles that don't mention them together. There are hundreds of pap pictures of them together in too many places where paps wouldn't casually find them ie the ocean. The number of pictures of Harry alone is very small compared to them together. Their apparences were pretty regular too. I don't think thing went to plan after Jason said his side but I really think this sub refuses to think it's pr because they hate Harry's stans. To be fair a log of them have made vile comments about Olivia's looks and it's messed up. That doesnt make it real though.

  34. It's even worse, the interview gonna be on tv.

  35. It seems so predatory. I'm on the fringe of all of this but he doesn't seem like one not to talk a bout the mother of his kids in from of them.

  36. The trailer is a little.... but I love Chlöe so I'll wait and see.

  37. I don't keep up with the Kardashians but I assume there's a controversy that this announcement is overshadowing?

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