1. Why is this an important supplement for carnivore diet? I keep seeing this stuff listed but I thought it was part of meat anyways?

  2. It's not. It's an optional supplement for those seeking to increase the long chain saturated fat content of their diet, regardless of plant or carbohydrate intake.

  3. I do. Not everyday, maybe 3 - 4 days a week. Ill eat about 8 (5 whole eggs and 3 yolks) in one sitting.

  4. There you go. Egg yolks are high in lecithin. Lecithin increases semen volume.

  5. Oh dang. I actually did know about people using sunflower lecithin for this purpose. I didn’t however know egg yolks contained it as well. Thanks!

  6. Is …. Is oil vegan? Is gasoline vegan? Isn’t it made from super decomposed rotting dinosaurs or something? They didn’t consent to being made into automobile fuel, I’m pretty sure.

  7. Yeww for sure! I ate ‘high liver’ (look up high meat) for a while. You chop up into small, maybe 1tbsp sized bites of liver and submerge the liver in milk for a day and then take it out and keep it in a jar. Open it and eat a piece a day. It gets foul pretty quickly but that’s… good. Once it gets to a sort of brownish reddish peanut buttery sort of look to it then it really gives you a kick. I would just swallow it. It gives you bad breath. But it does give you a high. A high like going on a nice long run and then stopping and drinking cold water. But yeah Vonderplanitz be wild

  8. Never heard of the milk part. Only people putting pieces in jars and airing it daily.

  9. Not the OP, but if they applied it transdermally they were probably applying povidone iodine (e.g. betadine) using cotton wool. It absorbs into the skin pretty rapidly.

  10. They are - it's a parody Twitter account. If you look at the feed, there's a tweet about emissions from flatulent dogs harming the environment.

  11. That picture is of some actual vegan sausage, though. The original has made the rounds before.

  12. Seasoned with "vinegar strokes?" That means cum. It's shit seasoned with cum.

  13. lab grown meat isn't a bad idea, it's just overhyped

  14. Where does it say that? The title says it’s for USA residents. Like it could be asking views on carnivore diet or if you are following it, in which case it would want all residents. Or it could be asking how you feel while on it, in which case it would only want people that are following it.

  15. It says it in the title. When you fill it out, it does indeed ask about your experiences with carnivore.

  16. Is there an option in the survey for never having done carnivore?

  17. Carnivore gave me gout and uric acid kidney stones. A little sodium citrate will take care of it and allow you to eat all the meat you want. It allows the uric acid to dissolve in your urine and you piss it right out.

  18. I just buy bags of the food grade stuff. They use it to emulsify cheese and preserve tartness in foods and stuff like that. There is a prescription called urocit-k that is a mix of sodium and potassium citrate. It does the same thing. Sodium citrate, potassium citrate, and citric acid will all work.

  19. Remember this is meat that is.about to reach its sell by date. Depending on the store, it mayg go bad pretty quickly. My local store cuts it pretty close. If you don't eat theor by the sell by date it will be bad. Sometimes even a day early it will have turned.

  20. Hey this one has been posted before.

  21. He used to eat a shitload of liver. I'm thinking that contributed to a lot of his problems.

  22. Haven't you seen the vegan funded studies? Veganism gives you better boners, not worse. Veganism cures everything!

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