1. Honestly I feel as if entities like that are alien. Whether interdimensional, coming in crafts etc. Could just be religion that classifies them as demonic. How do we know they are not one and the same?

  2. Never really looked at it like that, very good point

  3. I would definitely try and seek some help to get cleansed of any entities that may have attached themselves to you. Whatever it is does not seem benevolent at all, and if you let it continue, it may get dangerous for you, and those around you.

  4. Really appreciate the suggestion and feedback, going to look at getting cleansed here soon most likely. Might sage my house as well!

  5. Ima be honest I don't think you should have your first trip at a party. You should do it in a controlled environment with people you are close with. When on LSD you are very vulnerable with your emotions. All it takes is one ass hole at the party to turn what's supposed to be an awesome trip into a bad one. I'd wait and trip with 2-4 people and maybe a trip sitter just so you can understand what it's like, somewhere where you all can relax without having any stress, than gradually move to a party! Don't drink alcohol, it actually can weaken the trip (I think). I usually smoke some bud and my trip accelerates way more. Not tryna be a dick btw, I've tripped easily over 10 times, and I tripped once at a party and it was awful from 1 person being an absolute asshole and not understanding what LSD does and how a person is way more vulnerable in a sense.

  6. When I play NG+ later down the line I'll go for that option but I'm looking for a new game possibly

  7. I went from Witcher to Fallout 4 again and it made me appreciate it more. I fr love Fallout 4 and ARK right now. But ark is a really big different game than the Witcher.

  8. Damn ARK got me hooked a few years ago, despite not having a NASA grade supercomputer to run it lol

  9. I know that's the only downside 😂 my buddy likes to play on a heavily molded server. My computer isn't bad but still nothing. To play that you need a super computer the size of a small apartment to run it

  10. A small tip for you! YOU WILL BACKLASH! OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Don't get frustrated, its a learning process. Adjust your reel setting until the bait falls slowly enough without getting a back lash. Then make small adjustments to the reel tension. Once you get your settings down casting should be easy and you should not be getting backlash. Keep in mind, that a cheap rod and reel will give you problems, if possibly getting a $100 rod reel combo will go a long ways.

  11. This right here ^ backlash comes with getting a baitcaster. It pissed me off at first, but for bass, ill never switch to another reel.

  12. Yup! Once I figured out how to properly use a baitcaster, I went down a dangerous path...currently have 7 baitcasters and only use my spinning reels for dropshotting!

  13. I use my spinning reels for weightless or drop shots. I own I think 5 as well, Lews by far has been my more favorable brand with baitcasters. Very dangerous path to choose for the bank account😂😂

  14. That's the breach, Kaiju are coming😂😂

  15. Do not get The Dye Ryze CZR. I've had mine for 2-3 years at this point and I've just had continuous issues with it. I keep up with my maintenance but every time I use it, seems like something goes wrong again. It's a very nice marker, for my first one. But im already looking at different ones because im tired of having so many continuous issues with it. I've heard good things from The Empire Mini GS but I can't really put my say on one cause I've never owned one.

  16. Go to the merchant as Crows Perch. He sells 5 of each. Buy them and then keep meditating a day later to get it back. I've been trying to get everything superior and that's what I have been doing. Just make sure you have the funds for it😂

  17. The game keeps getting better. At the start for me I tried to force myself to dodge or roll out of the way as possible even if it was over kill to get used to doing it. Im at roughly 90 hours on my playthrough rn about to start new game plus. Best things for me was: -Using Igni a lot -I would look up builds for later in the game. Figure out what witcher gear would best suite you. -Crafting weapons is a lot better saying you can upgrade them (mostly witcher) -Dismantle any relic gear for dimeritium when you can (as long as you don't want to use them again) -upgrade delusion so you can get more money from contracts

  18. The rod can handle it. It's just I can't get the action I want from the lure. It keeps spinning in circles as I bring it back

  19. Where are you tying it off at? It should be in the middle were the medal bends imbetween the actual jig head and the flashers.

  20. He didn’t read the manual. So of course he didn’t.

  21. Whats with all the hostility chief? 😂 damn. Read the manual front n back multiple times along with the quick started guide it came with so?

  22. Throw a new battery in there! I can’t tell you why exactly “I am no tech wizard yet” but the Rize line of markers bleeeeds batteries even when the marker is off.

  23. I threw a new battery in there first thing and still is doin the same stuff, appreciate the help💯

  24. Download CCCleaner, and if you have a bunch of apps that open when you start your pc, turn them off unless you absolutely need them. That usually works for me and cleans it up. Also in the windows search bar search for Disk Cleaner that is already on windows and run that as well of you don't want to download CCCleaner. Usually these work for me! YouTube can be your bestfriend too.

  25. Try to match what you fish with to imitate what the bass feed on. I fish mostly clear waters with a larger abundance of crawfish, bluegill and minnows. I have found that I use mostly Texas rigged plastics, Football jigs, flipping jigs etc. With a plastic trailer. Swim jigs, swim baits, and chatterbaits to imitate the prey bass feed on. Fish with stuff how you like to fish whether it be cast, sit, and slow retrieve or cast and retrieve. Keep in mind the conditions whether it be rocky, thick weeds, or anything else! Don't be afraid to spend money, it only takes one cast in the right place to catch a monster. Goodluck!

  26. I just tripped 1 week ago to the day in a double dipped gel tab. I took about 350ug and i was having the time of my life for a good 9-10 hours. What worked for me was chilling around really doing whatever you want. When you wanna do something just go do it, don't stress yourself out. Make sure you're in a stress-free environment so u can just relax. Possibly trip with someone who's done it before so they can be there with you if you do stress out. We had some random ass people hoping fences in my backyard when I was out there peaked, and the friend I was with helped me not lose me shit😂 all I can say is stay safe, do what u wanna do, stress free environment, and be safe. Have a good trip!

  27. They told me I should do what my stomach tells me which is what I’m gonna do

  28. Thats true. For me I ate after the tab disappeared and it left a weird taste in my mouth, and stomach was upset for a little. When I was tripping I mostly relaxed on the couch and smoked. If you have the possibility to smoke do it, it enhances your trip a lot in a good way. Mostly I'd get random bursts of thoughts. Like randomly I'd wanna go outside and sit, or lay in bed and listen to music or really anything else. I watched psychedelic stuff on YouTube for hours and it was crazy. Just do what your stomach/mind wants you to do without hesitation as long as it's reasonable and safe! Tripping is all about you really, so do whatever makes you happy and enjoy it.

  29. Is it a monitor? I have a 144hz ASUS gaming monitor that comes with different modes for the display. One being a "gaming" mode makes the colors look different/off. Along with a handful more. If it's a monitor of even a gaming laptop try to go into the setting of the monitor/laptop and see if there are different setting for the display. Rather it be original, gaming, theater etc.

  30. These would be dope af as real playing cards to play poker with. Both of my favorite creations into one night would make it one hella of a night. You ever make real playing cards like these sign me up

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