1. TLDR, bozo on benzos bereft of bravado and bravery, burned and blanked his brain to be free of bad body reaction.

  2. "Head full of hair" in this instance is like when guys try to add their balls to their dick length

  3. I love starting with a flacid dick and feeling it grow in my mouth

  4. Do you feel better now that you've cried? Its good to let your bottled up feelings out. Even just telling someone online like this can help. When you let your feelings fester and build up for too long it'll start getting to you.

  5. It was just something I hadn't thought about in a while. Then I REALLY thought about it and I guess it was just overwhelming. I'm ok, I thought I was ok before the waterworks turned on lol

  6. I see this kind of insult all the time and I've gotta ask.... Does anyone actually use their chin when folding sheets? I've always found it easier not to (and not for lack of chin).

  7. Once I finish a bag, whether it's a 20 or 100 or more, I clean the pipe. But only once the full bag is gone. I don't like doing it before then. And if I preemptively get a new bag, I'll finish the first one, clean the pipe, then start on the next one

  8. I do it after every bowl, I can't stand a dirty pipe and I don't like not being able to see through it. Glad someone else gets it lol

  9. I used to do it after every bowl but my girlfriend broke me of that habit when we used together. She insisted it get as frosty as possible. So she'd run hundreds of dollars through hers before we'd scrape and reclaim it. I let her just do whatever with her own pipe. With mine it became an "after the bag" cleaning session.

  10. "Uh because it brings me joy and peace, mind your business." Would have been my answer lol

  11. We're around, just maybe not in your area 🤷‍♀️

  12. I stopped caring when they gave it to the 20 dollars in my pocket guy over Kendrick

  13. Honestly, he was a decent lyricist in the rest of that album. But the thrift store song was definitely a hit

  14. Drink lots of water and try deep breathing techniques

  15. Fix the fucking socioeconomic structure of this corporatist country.

  16. That proud papa's expressions are so Human! The little smile when he looks at the baby, the way he gently grabs baby's tiny hand.. it's amazing. This planet doesn't deserve people.

  17. Or, you know, LGBT+ community has some bad seeds among them, like any community?

  18. The council does not recognize the representative from Alabama.

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