1. Is this significantly different from "Dawn of Man" or are they kinda the same thing?

  2. It's very similar, but the mechanic for assigning roles in this is unique to the genre. Adult toons can have 6 different roles and will be skilled in some already (I guess based on their intelligence?), but can gain skills over time by doing the same thing over and over. It begins to get super chaotic as you get bigger and unlock more because you're forced to spread talents across more toons, meaning the menial survival tasks like gathering food and keeping crafting mats supplied might slow down so you can get a team of builders to focus on erecting structures.

  3. All skills are jobs associated with the action, so an example is Tool Making which takes place at a crafting station, but is only required for making spears, hatchets, or a pickaxe. If an order to make hatchets is in place, but no toons are Tool Makers, the job won't be completed.

  4. ooh good idea, i’m usually too concerned with trying to make a counter/synergy grid that accounts for the heroes i can use effectively and don’t think about doing one just for fun and i’ve always wanted pro teams to play some exhibition matches with limited hero pools based on a theme, like green vs red or horns vs wings, etc

  5. For any DAW, don't use Volume Automation. Instead, add a Gain plugin and then automate the gain knob for long fade-ins or whatever volume automation you need. This way you can still use the faders to mix levels accurately and don't need to worry about automation curves fighting with each other.

  6. Groove is definitely key :P I'm curious, what genre are you in? I'd be down taking a listen, shoot some links over if you want :)

  7. Yeah you can, but this whole project was about having fun, so I imported my own grossbeat banks into this, so all these effects are new. This patcher plugin is powered by grossbeat. It also has the 1.5x and 2X halfspeed but, grossbeat can only go to 1 Bar.

  8. GrossBeat can modulate beyond one bar. I don't use FL regularly, but I made a post about this a while ago...Lemme see if I can find it.

  9. So you can use Flex. In the MIDI editor pane it looks like a sideways hourglass. Please read the manual about Flex (there's different algorithms).

  10. Amateurs don't have the ear for compression or limiting, so that's the technique, but it's no good until your ears are up to snuff. Honestly, most of the "PRO" techniques require a sharp ear to tune/adjust correctly.

  11. I can relate to this in cooking lol, when I first started cooking I overseasoned everything, now subtlety is an invaluable tool.

  12. Same...I was making my songs all rigid (as if making very precise measurements) and going through them A to Z and they were overmixed and had nothing remarkable. When I just started throwing sounds around and letting the links organically happen is when I started making good stuff. It's like new cooks measuring every ingredient per a recipe, they don't know the dish and new producers trying to arrange or mix in an order, don't know the song. Once a cook can just toss ingredients together they know the dish and what will come out, and they know what will be wrong about it too (if they used too much salt for example). Once you know your DAW and the song (or at least how to coax it from your workflow) you can just start playing and a song will eventually emerge and take shape, but forcing one by using some routine doesn't seem to work, for me at least.

  13. Use google translate and throw cool words in it, then see what they are in Latin.

  14. This is coming from a trench perspective, but maybe it's a real thing...

  15. Keybindings in smite were never an issue for me honestly I think smite is a pretty good game if I still had friends that played I would still play it honestly.

  16. Probably just me, but I need to have them all within finger reach. I rebind Dota even and put them as Z, X, C, SPACE, then I make the item slots QWE and ASD, so I don't even need to see the keys, I just move my inventory to fit, usually putting Blink or arc boots on A or S, BKB on D.

  17. I mean I use all of 123456 qwerty asdfg zxcv space comfortably so I have plenty of keys.

  18. I wasn't really considering aliens with salad fingers and hope we aren't the same rank.

  19. I spent the last two months trying to write more MIDI and take advantage of my MIDI keyboard and since I'm learning all about chords, progressions, keys, and all that in University now, it seemed a good time to try and hone those skills, but it lead me back to when I was producing shit and could barely finish songs, so I reverted just today to my preferred workflow of loops and samples, chops and pitch edits over meticulous MIDI design (because I can't actually play piano) and apparently this workflow missed me because the fire's burning down my studio xD

  20. I learned how to be an amateur from Youtube and, though finishing a track was much easier, none of the tracks I made sounded good. The ideas were fabulous, but execution and polish were lacking.

  21. That’s not what I said. Telling someone that sampling is bad or not as good as making all of your own sounds is gatekeeping music production. It almost always comes from elitism of some kind. It implies that musicians who sample aren’t as “good” as those who don’t, which is untrue. I’ve heard the same rhetoric for all aspects of music and none of it changes that all great musicians make music however they want or feel most comfortable.

  22. I think you’re absolutely right that it usually comes from elitism. The crowds rolling their eyes at someone using presets or pre made samples/loops are simply doing it because they’re judgy twats and want to pick on someone.

  23. The sad and simple answer is that a lot of posts here are from people that want to be on a stage, but have no interest in the gear, the music or the craft

  24. This reminds me of a guy I knew as a late teen who my best friend and DJ partner (we'd often spin parties together) found on the early internet somehow. The guy had a strong desire to be a DJ, so he did what any son of a successful author does: he spent a bunch of money. Bought brand new Technics 1200s (this was late 90's/early 00's so those tables were top of the line), a decent mid-level Numark 4 channel mixer (with EQ band kill buttons - loved those), and he bargain shopped for entire vinyl collections that retiring DJs were selling. At that time my buddy and I were working on single case collections, so the fact this guy had over 500 vinyls was a big draw for us and he let us go crate digging freely.

  25. You should start by learning theory. Once you understand why add9 chords sound cooler than triads or what 2-5-1 alternate chords and open voicings are, you'll basically have a map to follow for writing original music.

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