1. I asked this in another thread and never got an answer:

  2. I have both and like my yocan better in every way except the airflow is a little better on the shiv

  3. With all due respect that don't look like hash rosin to me. Not hating I'm sure it's a great cart. Never seen true hash rosin in full gram carts because they clog too much. Up voting due to uniqueness.

  4. Thank you for the link. I could be mistaken. I just didn't see terp separation and that is usually common for hash rosin carts. Pricepoint is nice. What do the numbers look like. Packaging is great too. Just from appearance the cart looks terpy.

  5. Total THC: 70.44% THC: 69.95% THCa: 0.56% CBD: 0.07% No terp information, but it tastes like purple punch I’ve had in the past.

  6. How are they? DD makes really great RSO but never tried a cart.

  7. How are the terps? Haven’t tried this strain from Skörd yet

  8. Chocolatina is one of the best strains they grow. Both the flower and sauce carts are solid. Terps are usually on point with Skord carts.

  9. Awesome. Would love to hear more about what you think of each cart. Mini reviews if you will.

  10. The ATF distillate is a very potent, heady, uplifting sativa. Tastes like an apricot with a hint of pine and menthol. The terpenes are really nice with this. It’s not super fruity which I like. The CBG is really nice and makes these distillate carts standout compared to others on the market imo. For a sativa it gave pretty strong munchies too.

  11. Wow the CBG cart is very interesting. The high is a body buzz that makes me feel really good, but not couch-locked. Definitely a heavier buzz than just straight up THC. I feel really relaxed and uplifted. The CBG cart is 66% THC and 23% CBG so very good ratios of each.

  12. I’ve had that CBG cart once and loved it! Great for mornings because it’s so uplifting without much sleepiness at all

  13. They're not to get high, they're life savers for me since I use em for medical reasons. That's why I get the lowest THC percentage I can at 3%.

  14. I love my yocan uni pro. Had it longer and less issues so far. Also, the shiv doesn’t have a preheat option.

  15. Yeah I’ve been using a yocan uni pro for the past 3 years and although I look for other batteries to try, I don’t see a legit reason why I should not use the uni lol. It does everything I need, my only gripe is the useless timer on the screen.

  16. Nice, you can’t go wrong. It’s my favorite battery. Yeah, wish they’d update the timer or add a puff counter

  17. A bit too terpy, haha. It's good though, peppery. I tend to prefer fruity carts though.

  18. Canna Organix, Skörd, Lifted, Desaus, Oleum, MFused, Avitas, Dabstract,

  19. Damn. Those numbers look awesome and the pricepoint amazing. I have not seen this brand b4. 👏🏾👏🏾

  20. Their OG Kush is super tastey. You’re lucky you found that

  21. Idk that that’s real LLR. I’m pretty sure the term is coined and trademarked. So therefore they can’t put it on packaging, how is it tho?

  22. It’s distillate with live resin terpenes added I believe. This strain is pretty average, but for the most part these are usually pretty good for the price.

  23. The cartridge is AVD. They tend to leak on me most of the time.

  24. I don't do distillate with all due respect. So good CO2 oil is like a half step down from a good pho/bho live resin cart. I think I'm willing to give Avitas a try. I wonder how Heylo is if anyone has tried to compare.

  25. Yeah I avoid distillate as much as I can. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Avitas. I’ve never tried Heylo but have only heard good things.

  26. Hell yeah. CCELL is king when it comes to making good carts. AVD is based here in seattle 🤣. Their carts give me issues with clogging about 25% of the time. Not a huge fan but at least I can take the top off and get any of that clogged oil out with a paperclip and heat and drop into the magneto. I only do it with high quality oil. Skörd uses them for all their carts except those half gram rare drops which use ASCERA all ceramic like Constellation.

  27. I like ascera from that divinity cart but my sisters divinity cart came with a crack

  28. Lawd have mercy my fav cart of the bunch. The hidden pastry cart is like sweet dough think old fashioned donut or bearclaw. Gas and then some kind of cinnamon undertone with a little sweetness. Def. Recommend grabbing a couple as it will probably not return. 🔥

  29. how much is shipping? cheapest i found is 24 shipped

  30. The shipping kills this deal... It costs as much as the device to ship it.

  31. The peer pressure is too strong… fuck it, I’ll look for this one too

  32. Don't know if you ever found one but secret nature do these.

  33. Thank you! I found some local live resin by Avitas at my dispo thankfully. It’s so good.

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