1. I hope you find it. I no longer have any Xbox platforms but not being able to finish Lost Odyssey bugs me to this day.

  2. Same situation here. I eventually just watched a twitch streamer’s let’s play on YouTube of disc 4 but it didn’t scratch the same itch. Something in the back my mind says I’ll play this game again eventually. Praying for a hd remake.

  3. Absolutely. Or a sequel, though I'm sure it'll never happen...and if it does, the chances of it having the same gameplay are nil.

  4. The article is great but not 100% accurate. For example, he says that when Stanwyck did the movie she was already an Oscar winner...and we all know she never won an Oscar until the Honorary one later in life.

  5. Oh, yeah, I noticed the mistakes, but figured it was still worth a read. :)

  6. It's a great game. I thought it was well worth it at full price, so it'd be a steal at any sale price, IMO.

  7. Oh, I remember it. I got a review copy back when I was a game critic eight and a half million years ago.

  8. Portal 2 remains one of the most impressive puzzle games I've ever played. I gave up on Portal 3 a long time ago, though.

  9. I must be weird. In 30 years of gaming, I've never once dropped a game - RPG or otherwise - and picked it up later. I've completed over 90% of all the ones I've started and if I drop them, that's it...I never saw any reason to go back and try again, especially with the sheer number of options out there.

  10. Too many people forget What Price Hollywood. It really is great.

  11. This is the reason why I basically abandoned RPGs in the PS3 generation.

  12. 32 hours into Front Mission 3 when my EB-branded memory card failed. Also lost about 10 hours of Vagrant Story data.

  13. Julien's is running an auction in a couple weeks, and lots of MM's stuff will be there.

  14. I still remember being all excited when I found out Squaresoft and Enix were merging. I figured two of the best RPG companies coming together would only produce even MORE amazing games...it didn't feel like that for a while, though. And frankly, I don't believe S-E ever did get up to the crazy level of Squaresoft.

  15. I wouldn't say I was "completely" blind because I did a little research, but not a ton. And I wound up loving Ys VIII (the first Ys I've ever played).

  16. I'll take a reboot of ANY FPS with the focus on a great single-player campaign.

  17. Maybe give Bungie a shot with Killzone

  18. Eh...maybe. Killzone was VERY different than Halo in every possible way, especially in regards to gameplay and control. It was very unique in that way, IMO. I have no problem with Halo but I'd rather not have a new Killzone play like Halo, that's all.

  19. Re your P.S., The Awful Truth and My Favorite Wife are basically the same movie, no? Much like El Dorado and Rio Bravo. In the comedies, you have Randolph Scott as the other man in one and Ralph Bellamy in the other. In the westerns, you have Mitchum in one as the drunk and Martin in the other.

  20. Well, not really. I mean, the stories are very different, though I guess you could argue they'll use some of the same husband/wife jokes. But it's certainly not the same movie; ala remake or something.

  21. Stray. Only about 8 hours and you won't regret it.

  22. For that price, I think you'll be happy. On normal, you shouldn't have much trouble brute forcing your way through with a few main techniques. I'm in the same boat as an older player whose hands don't work as well as they used to, and I had no problem.

  23. Seems like yesterday that I beat Ninja Gaiden on Xbox and DMC3 on Hard...but...it wasn't yesterday.

  24. I just started playing it myself (on normal) and in general the game doesn’t feel all that hard so far, definitely easier than GoW in my opinion. I will say the dodge is definitely not the best and I sometimes wish the game would actually move faster and be a bit more reactive to inputs. I didn’t feel like having too tough a time with this one so I’m also using an item that doubles your experience that came with the deluxe edition. It’ll help you unlock a lot of abilities really quickly so you’ll become a little overpowered.

  25. Oh ok. I don't mind using the item if the game is fun. Not looking for a huge challenge right now, so if I'm a little overpowered I don't mind...provided it doesn't make the game TOO much of a yawn.

  26. I don't really get that, honestly. It's exactly the same story; the only difference is that while Philadelphia Story is a masterpiece of subtlety and comedic layering, High Society doesn't bother with any of that, and just flat-out tells you what's happening in every scene. They dumbed it down a LOT to highlight the musical element, which is a common thing to do with such a project. And I'm actually fine with it; the movie is just an entirely different beast.

  27. I don't quite know how to explain it. The Philadelphia Story had the edge of ridiculousness to not take any of it seriously, but High Society - music aside - seemed to want the viewer to take what was presented as.... reasonable?

  28. Well, again...it's the exact same story. Presented in pretty much the exact same way. I just think the reason it's more glaring in High Society is because there's no layering of the characters, which I think is brought on by more dialogue that lends each character more depth -- it goes beyond screwball then, and into something more societal and philosophical. You just get none of that in High Society, so it seems silly.

  29. The Wiegraf battles certainly stand out in my memory, as does the Elmdor fight. The latter isn't as "epic" in terms of the story but it just felt...big. The dude's really a vampire or something and he's got demon friends, and you're sort of trapped inside the castle with him.

  30. I think it depends on if you compare the launch of a new system compared to the previous generation, or if you take both systems on the whole after their generations were over.

  31. Star Ocean: Tales of Departure R. It's pretty similar to SO2, one of my favorite RPGs ever, but it's just...lacking in every way, comparatively speaking. I liked the gameplay just fine but everything else fell short for me, especially the world building and traversal. And the available 8 characters are just meh.

  32. How much time do you have to play? If you haven’t yet Red Dead 2 is a great game to kinda devote yourself to as in I think it’s better when you’re just focusing on that. Plus with it being December the beginning 2 areas just feel appropriate as they’re modeled after the Rockies and Montana

  33. Man, I wish I'd loved RDR2. The first was one of my favorite games ever, and I was so psyched for the sequel...but for some bizarre reason, I cannot get into it. I've tried twice, and put 20-30 hours into it each time before dropping it. The story is great; I'm just terrible at the gameplay, which seems odd considering it's not that much different than the first one...

  34. Dark Souls 3. It a) keeps you busy and b) makes the rest of the holiday seem comparatively even more enjoyable through the wonder of contrast by inflicting horrible, horrible suffering and misery on you!

  35. Well, that's one way to look at it, I guess. LOL

  36. Where would you rank the game cube as one of your favorite Nintendo consoles?

  37. Oh, I'm really not a Nintendo guy. I still have a SNES that I occasionally play for fun, and I've got the Switch. I've loved all the games I've played on it (Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Link's Awakening, Octopath Traveler, Fire Emblem: 3H) but that's only 4...Nintendo has just never produced a lot of games I want to play.

  38. It was the system that made everyone wonder if Nintendo was done making consoles. It prompted the company to make a dramatic change -- basically, they stopped trying to be a direct competitor with Sony and Microsoft and produced the Wii. And it worked (though the Wii U didn't fare nearly as well; you can only push a gimmick so far).

  39. GREAT Preston Sturges script in Remember the Night. MacMurray and Stanwyck both outstanding in it.

  40. Absolutely one of my favorite movies, not just in the Christmas category.

  41. Well, it's obviously just like Detroit but I can't recommend Heavy Rain enough. I think it's still the best of that style of interactive storytelling. Also look up Indigo Prophecy, though it might be tougher to find.

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