1. Hey thanks for your feedback! The devs had this to say about this particular issue:

  2. Like this is such werid fucking behaviour from them.

  3. I established these comm-links when I started as a way to keep communication open with the community, and set expectations for what is coming up and when you are likely to expect it.

  4. Can we have actual communication, though? Like...asking for feedback or floating ideas? Most of us have been unpaid beta testers for Darktide's unfinished state. Can we at least get treated like unpaid employees and have our feedback asked for and acknowledged? The #1 ask has been for the game to copy paste what worked in Vermintide 2 and it's felt like Fatshark has completely ignored that entirely reasonable request and is instead reinventing the wheel, but no one has even talked about this.

  5. We do already do this, through conversation and polls and such - however it happens mainly on our official channels (e.g Discord and the Forums). I do make sure to read through threads and pass on the feedback when I can though!

  6. Got to love how they deliberately hyped this up to be a "large patch" last week only to then once again in classic Obesefish fashion backtrack on that and call it a "small content drop" Two new marks for weapons we already had, wow FS, don't trip over all that effort you've put in.

  7. I apologise if my wording wasn't clear - I have gone back in and edited my posts to add that it will be a sizeable patch alongside a small content drop.

  8. Does crochet count as art? I could try to make a hadron doll by the deadline

  9. I am not quite sure if doing a 3d printing of Hadron as an actual tabletop mini would qualify for such a contest or not...

  10. Happy about all of the things said here. I'm surprised no word on the console release though.

  11. Right now the console release in on pause until we feel like the game is in a better place. As soon as we have any news on it though i'll be sure to let you all know!

  12. Hm. So I still leave my party when I switch my character?

  13. This bug is being worked on, it's unlikely that there will be a fix next patch - but ideally shortly after there will be!

  14. Something got borked in yesterday's .30 update with graphics. There are tears, stutters, and an overall drop in quality. Messing with settings and restarting hasn't resolved it.

  15. Hey, can you make a post on our forums in the bugs section with some steps on how to reproduce this? Then we can look into it!

  16. Warp Flurry doesnt work on Purge staff since the latest patch, was hoping for a hotfix for that

  17. Make sure to report the bug on the forums and then we can look into it!

  18. We are on it! There is a Hotfix we are planning to release today with a fix aimed at this issue.

  19. This looks awesome! Can't wait to finish work and give it a try. Will we be getting a comms link this week detailing what you are planning next?

  20. The post doesn't say anything about Emperor’s Gifts

  21. Hi, the next patch will include the changes to the Emperor's Gifts as mentioned in the Dev Blog. The Comm-Link gave a sneak peek into some things you could expect from the next patch but was by no means comprehensive!

  22. gave up on darktide huh? that was a smart move catfish

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