1. Looks good mate. I'm about to do alpaca and pork vors sticks. (South african version). Did you build a drying cage?

  2. It's okay I thought it was hilarious

  3. The crazy bit is that it's not even a misspelt word. It's just a randomly started sentence.

  4. I'd love to have a beer with Ugandans. I'd love to have beer with them. They'd drink us under the table and we'd always get rolling drunk. We'd drink with lions and leopards, where the climates fucking great. I'd love to have a beer with them Ugandans, it'd be fucking great.

  5. This isn't based, it's cringy. Announcing how tough you are when you have no power to follow it up just makes you look like a wannabe.

  6. We got the fusion power to back it up tho

  7. It's the reason (amongst others) that the conservative government in Australia was voted out. Traditionally conservative voters were pissed that they wouldn't install a national integrity commission with sweeping powers to go after lying, thieving pollies. Not so much for just bullshiting during the election cycle but that's politics for you.

  8. That title kind of makes it seem like his divorce couldn’t be settled UNTIL he had an affair with a stripper.

  9. Haha that's how I read it. The answer is always in the comments.

  10. I also thought on the first read through something like “oh yeah infidelity gave him the go ahead to get the divorce yeah that tracks” before realizing I’m a dope.

  11. I wasn't even that smart. I read it and tried to make sense of it and just couldn't get my head around what OP wrote. Turns out it was all about fraud...... and finding an excuse to get some stripper tail. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he planned this with his ex wife.

  12. Also vinegar will rubberise eggs. Good for internet points I suppose.

  13. There is really only one answer to this. All russian speaking people to leave non russian territories world wide immediately. That should sort that out.

  14. Mate!! Disappointed that there's no ZIP in there. It's the real play :18630:

  15. Really hoping he would join the blue and gold. Sad days.

  16. NSW Aus. Public school. Starting salary $82k out of uni to $115k before extra payments for leadership roles. Class room so full of resources my wife's at wits end trying to find place to store them. 16kids, teachers aid. Parents get $100 per child to help buy school uniforms, bags, shoes, stationery. Conservative led state government. Not every school is perfect or even close to it but there an attempt to get things right. In my opinion anyway.

  17. They aren't mutually exclusive we have 400 years of institutionalized racism, a dumpster fire trump started by giving the christo fascists legitimacy, and states determine where the vast majority of federal funding for police goes. They are 3 separate issues that feed into the problem of police violence. Yes Biden bad for not mandating that if states want federal money for law enforcement some must be devoted to adding mental health professionals and increased training requirements.

  18. I'm glad you had the patience to get into it with him/her/them. I don't think anything you say will change their mind. They want bidens blood and that's all there is to it.

  19. You can't blame Biden for the fire Trump started. What a stupid take. Police crime is out of control and only snowballing. It will be worse under the next president too because any jackass can be a cop. You can't defund the police and can't change the protocols for how they are selected over night. It's 400 years of fucking cowboys with badges. Plus isn't police a state issue?

  20. Aussie here. I'd sign to see the heartless cunt gone.... and after his sons ban from the country was revoked too.

  21. And what particularly are they asking for Grassroots because I have seen anything on grassroots from the RLPA until today…

  22. I tried this tact normie and all I got was booed for not jumping on the anger bandwagon. All I want is to see some specific requests from the rlpa not cryptic bullshit about some money for this and some money for that.

  23. It's so shit cooks don't dry it out when cooking. Porks had liquid added to it since Adam was a boy. I'm unaware of it but there may have been a rule change or quite possibly they just got sick of people whining about it so they added it. Your marinated steggles chook also has this.

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